Phil More Seas (4354b945)

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The game has started. Sorry it took so long but I had to restart about 40 times. Last week when I was testing out the map editor I noticed that the game would often put at least one person in an unplayable position. Not sure why, maybe has something to do with selecting “new” for world age meaning large quantities of mountains and hills. I wanted to make sure everybody had a good starting position and we all do, but don’t know what’s just outside initial vision. See below what I had in about 40 starts.

That’s funny. I think I have hat position before. Thanks for all the work. It should be a good game!

If you go down to the woods today…
…hardly any surprise at all…

Is it just me?

Woods? I wish I had woods. I’m surrounded by rainforest with hardly any resources despite it set on abundant. I’m off to a very slow start.

Oh, and scouts can be killed. What’s the purpose of having extra scouts if they only move 1 space each turn because of the rainforest, and they get killed by the barbs…

I think I am in just a big forest.

Ok, riddle me this. This is a large map with 10 players. Memories forgotten is a large map with 10 players. So many games we play are large maps with 10 players. So why is it Dan is the first civilization I meet in every game?!?

Yea, right? Must be a way to jiggle this

Rules? Sweden declared war on me. Can I be offensive? No war till? Can I poach a settler?

Side note, for truly abundant resources, iron is kind of scarce.

The settler poaching would cause war with another civ so I guess that is out.

If Sweden declares war on you, then it’s on with Sweden. If they have a settler roaming around then capture it. But if you see a settler from a different civ, no, you can’t poach that settler until turn 150 or you have 20 cities whichever comes first.

And I agree about the lack of iron. Same with horses. Iron and horses don’t spawn on top of woods and rainforest so they are rare. I wonder if it will be the same with the other strategic resources like oil and niter and uranium. I see a few iron and horses on the map but none near me. This will be a challenge.

Can’t imagine how I pissed the Swedes off :slight_smile:

Low military perhaps? At least now you can capture their cities and expand faster.

I am off for the evening for a rare social event. Apologies.

I am glad you had the above discussion as I was about to attack the civ next door both for lebensraum and venison. Now I can simply sulk instead.

Maybe you should make it not so rare?

I might have ticked the Swedes off by popping their luxury resources with my hero. Outside their territory of course. A bit surprised but a double bonus I guess.

The scarcity of niter is worse than iron. I see some niter clumped up but it will take 21 turns to send a settler there. I guess having all these woods and rainforests really messed up the resource allocation. But at least I have bananas :slight_smile:

The only sea I have seen is one of trees. I found some but just plopped a settler squeezed in between three neighbors who have since denounce. Going to be a challenge keeping it regardless.

BTW - it is turn 120 and I will hit 20 cities in several turns.

Welp, once you hit 20 cities declare war on everybody. I’m close to 20 but not sure if I will make it by turn 150. Unfortunately my settler will reach the ever elusive niter on exactly turn 150. I plop down the city and probably lose it to all the AI close by.