Phil More Seas (4354b945)

If we do this map again (and I think it will be cool to do it again) will need to tweak it a little. There is also one of the settings in DB that reveals all resources at the very beginning of the game so you can see where everything is. That might be cool.

At least there is plenty of room to expand in this map, unlick some of the others.

Yea well I will lose it by conquest or culture at this point.

Yes, I like the map. It does change the tech tree approach. The resources are just a bit glitchy but not insurmountable at this point (for me anyway).

I think 150 will be here before i get near 20.
Shame I seem to have a s*load of nitre. Probably means no oil or aluminium along the way.
Also, aren’t Mongols supposed to get horses, whine, whine…

Lots of horses, no niter while we can still trade…

I must say, I am impressed with Dan getting 20 cities so quickly. I’m at 16 which doesn’t sound like much less, but it is 20% less.

Not sure I like jumping off the ledge alone

I now have the same issue here.
I guess it could be another game I recently joined involving additional DLCs, although disabling these was not a quick fix.

May be some time. Will try reinstall and investigate to see if I can get past it.

It was ‘Real Great People’ mod.
Naturally, I have no recollection of why I added this.

Glad it’s working again.

Humph, reclaimed my 1080Ti from my son, who has moved on to grander things.

Had one successful civ 6 play, then this game has now repeatedly crashed.

Sorry, not sure how long to fix, or will reinstall previous gpu (980Ti)

I hate computers. I’m about to order me a new one because this one is old and is crashing. I have to continuously save this game because the computer will just shut down after about 5-10 minutes of play.

Aha… will try continuous saving…

btw, the other one works ok.

I had also lowered all the graphics settings in civ, but no help here…

I propose we call this game. It was a very fun game but now it has become tedious. It takes about 30 minutes per turn. Probably have 100 turns to go. Hard to play another 50 hours when the outcome has already been decided.

Like I said, very fun game. Once I got past the crappy start I saw that there was lots and lots of trees. I picked the pantheon that gives culture for breathtaking tiles which is how I jumped so far ahead in culture. Then I built about a million workers to rush build my districts (thanks Aztecs!). Almost nothing but settlers and workers for the first 140 turns, except for a few archers that I upgraded. Focused on holy sites and commercial districts, then that district that improves the unimproved tiles around it were all I needed.

Biggest problem in this game was the lack of resources. I thought for sure Dan was going to go nukes and kill me. If you noticed, I ran out of uranium and my GDRs couldn’t heal and I couldn’t build anymore of them. Then I was running out of aluminum which would have prevented any more air production. But you never went nukes (appreciate that) and I bought a couple of settlers to go and settle new resource tiles.

If we all agree to end it, I will retire next turn. I have family in town so can’t start another one until next week. But I think something with very similar settings, slightly modified. I will ponder over it.

Fine - that game sucked :grinning:

No good game. I liked it up to the losing part. I didn’t think about nukes as I hate them but thought you might go that way. They turn a good game into a mess and I would have just quit either way. Those apostles sucked they were like remoras to my GDRs and everything else. I didn’t do that either. I was only doing religion to get the bonuses and not as a weapon. Didn’t know/remember they could not be killed. I would ban nukes and non killables. Should have banned them both here.

I have not done enough in this part of the game to be good at it. Well, that applies to almost the whole game. You do combined arms well. I stopped building convention units outside of air as they dies every time they attacked. I assume you get them promoted up to better survive.

I am sorry I have not started another game. My semi retirement is getting too busy. If I get this project done this week, maybe this weekend.

I have a whole bunch of GDRs in build but they are several turns away.
With the time and crashes, I am also happy to see the back of this.