Pangea Game (ede5904b)

Smack talk goes here for Pangea Game! Game URL:

Hey! I would happily join if you want to play without Teddy Roosevelt, Ethiopia, Maya & Gran Colombia and Catherine de Medici - because I dont have these packs.

@Elissa i made the required changes! You are welcome!

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Thank you so much! :heart: Good luck everyone!!

I have to quit, My game version is old and incompatible. I am sorry for ruining this for you. Again, thank you Max for your help!

Do we start of over or find a replacement ? Or… Leave the sixth spot as a bot ?

i vote for re-

That sounds good, the AI has playing the first turn but that should not be an issue. How do we recruit a new person ? adyyc ?

someone just needs to advertise it to find a player, then the system host can drop them in

If you need someone…

Yeah we do :stuck_out_tongue: I’m not sure how things work to get you in as a replacement, hopefully adyyc chimes in.

Post a request in the Forum for “Game Support”

I have put a request in

@adyyc hey bro, we need your attention here :slight_smile:

It says that the spot has been filled but it still lists Elissa. Is this normal ? Can I take my turn ?

It looks good, go ahead.



GG and good luck trying to stop the Hungarian snowball!

Canada is asking for a special session to stop these atrocities ! We cannot sit idly when these war crimes are being committed! ( Damn I don’t like playing Canada xD )