Pangaea FFA (b613dc34)

Smack talk goes here for Pangaea FFA! Game URL:

Welcome all, due to the quick interest I’m adding another couple player slots for a standard map

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Is there a discord channel for this game, or will discussions for this game be done here?

Since it wasn’t stated, I assume their are no limits on friendships, trading, etc. Is this correct?

There isn’t currently a general discord channel for the game, and there are no rules related to diplomacy/trading/etc.

Hi guys, I could not find any reference to the chat in Discord, could one of you put a link in here for it please.

there IS NOT currently a general diplomacy chat on any discord server for this game (see above) … if anyone finds one necessary (as opposed to posting here) feel free to make one and invite everyone, or let me know what server you want it on and make sure I’m on it and I’ll see about making one.

Ha, sorry I must have been really TIRED when I read this thread last night.
All good, not too fussed, but if anyone sets one up just note the details here and I will join…

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Move scout please Hungary.

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For 20 gold, I will reveal the location of the Matterhorn. Gift me the gold and I will reveal the location with a map pin with your name on it.

Land units who move next to the Matterhorn ignore hills for the rest of the game and gain 3+ combat strength when fighting in hills.

Just noticed… No preserves in this game?

sorry, I don’t have that DLC

No probs, I don’t build them often but they can be quite good. Is there anything else in that DLC?

I think it’s the DLC for the vietnamese and khmer civs …

thank god they aren’t there. brutaly good civs

Hello Mr. Banman, I could have taken your settler (and maybe builder) with my scout. The only reason that I didn’t was that I didn’t have a feasible route to get them back to my territory. You owe me a favor.

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Not sure it’s a favor I owe you … perhaps I owe you the same calculated self-interest you just described :wink: maybe if you’d left it at the first sentence :smiley: in any case we Polish bear you nothing but good will

he could have captured and deleted

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absolutely! and then we’d be at war for the rest of the game. legitimate choice either way – as was my calculated gamble to sacrifice safety for speed :slight_smile: and like I said, I bear great good will to all who have shown restraint, I certainly wouldn’t steal your unprotected workers or settlers (not just because you didn’t steal mine, but also because to me the risk of early war doesn’t balance the advantage of a settler/worker I didn’t have to build).

Beyond that, favors need to be agreed to, not presumed in my book :slight_smile: and I’m open to agreeing to favors, once I know what they are … as I also seek peaceful and productive relations with my immediate neighbors

got to agree on that

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It seems that the greatest nation at the moment is Kongo among the ones Mongols have met during our travels. Kongo is doing at least double science and culture compared to others. I hear there are also two other civs like Poland and Mali so can’t say if they are as glorious as Kongo at the moment.