Open - Marathon - Huge (fffec291)

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Looks like I’m the last to jump in. Assuming a marathon game takes ~500 rounds to finish, and a single round will take 72+ hours for 12 players to finish, this game should be wrapping up about 4 years from now.

Good luck!

It was possible to apply a modified follow the sun re-arrangement of players order to mitigate the elapsed time needed, but it looks like we have already started.
I am used to some games taking 4+ years, so not too alarmed.
Also, not everyone has their time zone entered in their profile, so we can’t tell how bad it might be…

Happy New Year, everyone !

It is essential everyone set their timezone. I recommend the game does not start until everyone does.

edit: (Sips coffee and realises the game has started)

Have fun!

Well, that didn’t take very long…

Who would like to re-lobby and start this game over again, with optimized timezone order?

Sure, but a new order does not fix the 170+hour turn time. Is something wrong or just the way this will go?

My apologies. Although my start position had nothing wrong with it, I made an incredibly stupid mistake, with the result that my position is now pretty much unplayable. In the absence of mass protests, I intend to surrender after I receive the next turn. I recommend not giving this to anyone else as it would be cruel and unkind to them, not to mention they could see what the idiot before them did… amusing perhaps but scant compensation for a wasted life.

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Now you made me curious. :rofl:

Reverted - the last save wouldn’t load for me.

Someone’s on a long vacation :open_mouth:

Hey @adyyc are you on vacation?

@Pete Sorry for delay, very busy this period. Soon i will leave for honeymoon too.

Congratulations! But you’ll be taking your laptop so you can still take your turns, right? :wink:

For a quick turn during a honeymoon I would suggest a Steam Deck, way more comfortable either hiding in the bathroom or relaxing in a ocean view patio :smiley:

Yes. But i have a low end spec laptop for today, i5 2410m CPU.

Who else thinks 3 weeks is too long for a honeymoon?? :flushed::joy:

I see someone else quit and noticed the last turn was 22 days ago. Is this dead and no one bothered to tell us?

@Pete Are you here?

Yep I see the game owner has just surrendered. Do we want to look for a replacement or just continue with Germany as an AI?

22 days between turns gives a new meaning to marathon. I am okay continuing but let’s flip a few turns.