One City to Rule them All 3 (00b77b55)

We are peaceful neighbors, unlike anybody else it seems :sweat_smile:

I did not fight ‘too much’ because I was trying to play a more peaceful game and a full scale war require a different approach.

GG Japan anyway.

Looks like another big unit spawn this turn. I got four cuirassiers, and I see that China has four musketmen. I’ll be deleting mine, as has been my policy thus far.

@Yeti_la_Pesadilla Thanks for playing! See you in the next game.

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OK guys, I was hoping to win a cultural victory on this one, but Buno’s wonder-grabbing means that will take forever. I have a huge army and a huge science. You know what comes next.
I don’t blame if you if you want to surrender at this point. But if you don’t, I’m … well, I’m coming for your cities. There can be only one!

i am out in a turn or 2 at most.

happy to take 3rd given i had no clue what was going on and was griefed early

All good Andrew.

@Buno Oh my god dude, you bankrupted me. That was some effective spying!

Plus, I never encountered anti-air guns before. They’re pretty effective, no?

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Well, it looks like I underestimated China’s resolve and resources. This war seems pointless.

Would you like to continue, or shall we call it a draw and say, “Kongo and China are Victorious!”

I’d take peace, but that would make a religious victory too easy for you, I think.

Ok for me, I just tried to be peaceful from turn one but everyone attacked me, with an army of soldier or missionaries :smiley:

I have no idea on how to close a game with a draw, we must both retire?

Yeah I think that’s how it goes. As the game sponsor, I declare that we win a shared Cultural Victory.

Perhaps we should have done what Valamas suggested and gone to war earlier. I don’t know. Anyway, I learned a lot about how to play a One City Challenge. I hope you enjoyed it, despite the assaults!

Yes, It was fun. If someone want to start a new game with the same settings I’m in :smiley:

GG everyone