One City to Rule them All 3 (00b77b55)

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why island plates?

Island plates generally offers enough land, plus access to the ocean for trade and exploration, as well as oceanic improvements and wonders (and naval dominance, if that’s your thing).
I did a couple of rolls with island plates, using random leaders from our pool, and each start was (a) playable, (b) well-landed, (c), well-resourced) and (d) had ocean in the second or third ring.

That said, I’m open to feedback!

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I prefer Pangea. Island plates doesn’t have enough land for me.

I’ve been having a bit of a Single-Player run with the Island Plates suggested. A couple of civs got kind of screwed and ended up with lots of water tiles, which, unfortunately, cannot be improved until the very late game, since Liang does not do fisheries in this mod.
So, probably Pangaea or something land-y.

I’ve found that the Expansionist unit can claim territory far disconnected from one’s capital, but that resources mined (i.e. coal, oil) in that territory do not contribute to your stockpile. This suggests that I might have to enter worldbuilder to ensure that we each get a fair chance.

Any more thoughts?

I don’t have any experience with the Expansionist unit.

I’d recommend you have a go at a Single-player OCC playthrough, just to familiarise yourself with the mechanics.

OK guys. I’m going to post up a new save file in about 12 hours. Unless anyone has any objection, it will be Pangaea.

Pangaea does not guarantee single land mass. Lakes does

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I’ve been playing through some scenarios locally, and I have a couple of comments/questions.

  • The troop “waves” that are advertised at the bottom of the screen–I see that number update and the promised troops change, but I’ve yet to receive my batch of 4 warriors or whatever. Is there some trick to getting that to work, or could it be broken?

  • I tried 6 players with 6 CS on a Duel-sized Lakes map, and it did not feel at all crowded.

RE: One City Challenge: I haven’t figured out what determines which units you will get, but it may give the strongest unit that you have produced, or researched(?).

OK, I’ve played my Single player OCC out to the end and decided that YES Valamas’s suggestion of Lakes will work out. I’ve also decided that we need to include the GOLD DEFLATION mod, so don’t be surprised if you get asked to add that one in. Gold is too easy to come by in the endgame, is why.

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No Sea/Lakes for me and a single mountain, last position was definitely better :frowning:

OK a couple of tips

  1. get your improvements/districts down early / be carful about unlocking resource techs (i.e. horses, iron, niter). You don’t want to have your awesome campus or industrial zone ruined by the appearance of a resoure. And you WILL have resources, for I selected the option that virtually guarantees the spawn of all strategics within reach.
  2. Take a moment to look up each Governor and their promotions in the civopedia
  3. The Expansionist unit becomes available with Early Empire…Again, civopedia.
  4. My last few playthroughs, units have spawned when the countdown said they would. I wouldn’t count on it exactly, but I’m pretty sure we can at least count on the first few.

5 And it turns out that in the late game, if you place renewable energy sources (windfarms, solar panels) in Expansiont-created spaces outside your original territory, THESE work. So you can’t import oil or coal, but you CAN import sunshine and wind :upside_down_face:

Again, let me know if we need a re-roll.

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Thanks @Mr_Six for sticking with the game and its issues so far. I am happy to follow the general consensus of the game direction.

I cry. Can’t load. Tried no mods profile.
EDIT: I Fix!

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Can someone explain the Governors to me because I haven’t got a clue.

Should I be able to appoint 2 governors to my capitol at this time, because I can’t?

I’ve got Governor titles that I can’t use.


That’s odd. I’ve had no difficulty assigning a governor(s). Can you post a screenshot of the problem?

5 governor titles available