No mods, standard GSE game, quick (432b92cc)

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Guys, I’ve rolled Kupe :frowning: can I ask for a re-map? First game here so not 100% sure of the etiquette in this situation. Is rolling Kupe a valid reason for a re-map?

I don’t have a problem with it but what’s wrong with Kupe?

Just feels like you’re at a huge disadvantage in a multiplayer game to have to scout for somewhere to settle while everyone else has a ‘normal’ start. Isn’t Maori one of the civs that are usually banned in MP games?

it certainly can be a significant disadvantage, but on the other hand it can be a big advantage to have the ability to move in ocean tiles and more flexibility in starting location. I’ve never heard of anyone asking for a restart due to rolling Kupe – if you weren’t OK with getting Kupe I feel like you should pick another civ instead of random – I also selected random, and would’ve been fine with being dealt Kupe – I’d view it as a challenge. That being said, it’s up to the host – I know it’d be some extra trouble to restart.

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Ok, fair enough. I withdraw my request. Let’s continue and I will try to learn from the experience.


Hello All. I will be on vacation from 3/29 to 4/11 and cannot access a computer. It would be much appreciated if the game could be paused during that time.

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fine with me

How do you pause it? Won’t the turn timer keep expiring? Could you maybe put vacation mode on?

the way to pause it would be to kill the turn timer for the duration

Is it possible? I don’t see any option fort it.
But, if we all play slow, as their’s 5 players between each of his turn, x3 days = 15 days. + his 3 days turn.
He’s gone 14 days. Should works.

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Go to Game Details (on game page, righthand tab at the top) – you will have a button at the bottom of the text box labeled ‘Edit Game Parameters’ → click that, you will be able to modify the turn timer there (just remember to save after you’re done)

Thanks! Didn’t know we could change them after the game is started.
Done !

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I can’t save my turn as the file I’ve downloaded is turn 106 but it should be 107.
Any idea how we can resolve this?

No idea I’m afraid.

Why won’t it save the file? It’s possible the game was reverted?

The file I’m downloading to play with is for turn 106 but PYDT is expecting turn 107.

So PYDT is not accepting your save file, even though it’s for the turn it gave you? Or is it that Civ6 won’t save the turn?

Yes, PYDT won’t accept the file as it says it is expecting turn 107 but it gave me 106 to play. It probably explains why the three players that took turns before me have all skipped their turns as well.

Very weird … @MAHqc could you revert the game at least the last four or five turns and see if we can avoid the issue?