No mods, standard GSE game, quick (432b92cc)

I’ve reverted my turn so @MAHqc can revert now.

he’s host, so should be able to revert regardless of whose turn, but good call anyways to stop your timer from running!

Same problem so I’ve had to revert again.

maybe if you keep reverting our host will read the smack talk messages :crossed_fingers:

Don’t know what happened with last revert, but I can’t even play my turn now, as the file ask for Banmann39.
I revert again…

I’m getting this error:

" Incorrect player turn in save file! This probably means it is still your turn and you have some more moves to make!"

What do?

When are you getting the error? When you try to load the turn, or when you try to save the turn?

When I try to save.

I figured it out. Sorry for the delay.

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I will be out of town starting tomorrow and going until January 18th. Can we pause the turn timer, please?

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No problem if everyone agrees.

I’m okay with that.

Yes, no problem for me.

sounds good to me


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Hey guys, I’ll be away from tomorrow until Monday evening.

@MAHqc Could we please pause timer or preferably change Turn Timer mode to “Game is paused while users are on vacation”?

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Have fun (hopefully) !

Can I get a revert? I missed my turn.

Sorry, I didn’t see your message until after I’d taken my turn. I’m okay with a revert if everyone else is.