NISZOgen's game! (6be0f3f6)

Don’t know about raging, did you get ANOTHER raging party of horsemen?
Barb camp just spawned near my capitol and next to horses! I’m am throwing everything in I have to kill that scout before he tells his horse friends at camp and I’ll get what you got.
Good barb-fighting out there to everyone.

I’ve been attacking or killing barbs almost every turn in this game, and there is still one active barb camp. The good knew is that since the early game where I lost 2 units, I haven’t lost any more units, and my units are getting trained up.

something isnt right on barbs for sure. i am seeing them walking about ignoring their camps. but also not attacking

Hi peoples
Just wondering: just submitted my votes to the world congress, and got surprised by the save promt afterwards, thought I should make a regular turn as well.

  • Does the world congress take a PYDT-turn, where we don’t do the regular stuff, moving etc?

Kind regards and good gaming to everybody

Thanks Phuzzy.
I’ll wait patiently for my next turn to do something then.

I plan on surrendering my position. I have 3 barb camps near my cities producing barbs units that are more technologically advanced than my own. And 3 more near my nearest neighbor Poland, which is an AI and can’t deal with them. I have incurred a negative cash flow trying to build enough units to deal with them. I can’t afford to upgrade my units. My lands are relatively unproductive and I have relatively few high appeal tiles.

I’ve played my best, but @SmashKnight has 3 times my score and there is no chance that I will ever catch him. I don’t want to play on for months (years?) with no hope of winning.

I will surrender next turn.

I understand that. I have never seen a game with barbs so bad.

That sounds like a tuff situation! I respect your decision, if barbs are killing you, it is difficult to make a difference in the game.

It has been 2 days since I posted, so I guess no one has any strong objection. To the leaders, well-played!

Hello everyone, since I’m the new admin here I want to talk about @Tamil_Ronin. He has not played his turn in any of his games for at least a week, and he has not set himself on vacation. I would maybe wait another week, but I have seen here substitution players are searched for his place in his other games. I have asked the admin of this games if he has any information about Tamil, and I’m waiting for his response.

I will play my turn, but first I want to ask what to do about @Tamil_Ronin. The admin of the other games with him has no information about him either. He does not respond in the forum or in discord. I put it up for vote what do do next.

  • Wait another week
  • Just kick Tamil to replace him with AI
  • Look for a substitution

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Thank you for doing some admin work here Phuzzy. If we cannot find replacement in reasonable time I suggest letting AI play him. however he has significant diplo favor so would be best with human player.

Three have voted for a substitution. I have asked a friend and he is willing to take Tamils place. But he has not played 500 turns yet. I opened a ticket in the support forum so the devs can replace him.

Sounds great that you already found a replacement.

Hi all :slight_smile:

Welcome oh mighty Bear!
Lovely that you would substitute for Sweden in our game, I see that nation is not unfamiliar to you.