NewNormity (81b27d6b)

Smack talk goes here for NewNormity! Game URL:

Can somebody send me the link to Better Balanced Game 3.17.4. I don’t have that one and can’t find it.

edit: Never mind I found it. Was called something different.

My land is remarkably devoid of hills also.
Perfect start for Sumeria, except I am now not…

What is going on with this app? I keep getting a game that fails to load and then it is not my turn.

I thought I was almost dead in this game. Chose a religious civ - turns out a more faith productive tribe next door was about to convert me, and 4 cities to 1 down. In one turn get a free chariot from a previously unseen hex, and Sanguine from a camp one turn before a governor, and the scales are somewhat rebalanced.

Glad you survived. Would be bad to have this a 2 player game so early. I’m still struggling with my land. I don’t expect much for a a long while.

This is weird - I realise I know little of some of the game mechanics. I have now overcome the Japanese, leaving them with one peripheral city, so my safety is assured and now I simply have to find a way to get off my rock.
However, having captured the capital Kyoto, I find it with multiple farms, and two developed (or at least were before I pillaged them) districts - Holy and Theatre. Now I find it is going to take multiple tens of turns to repair, because the city territory has only one single hex with any production on it, and this is undeveloped. How the hell did the ai produce all these districts on 2 production ? especially before the outer ring developed to get to it? There is a small amount of excess gold, but seemingly nowhere near enough to account for this.

I just assume it cheats and keeps up with us.

You put on a higher difficulty. The AI gets an extra settler to start and gets bonus production. Plus it may have chopped some forests to speed production.

And so here we appear nicely spaced as hoped for.
But who is piggy-in-the-middle ?

I don’t know who is in the middle of all of us. But I know I’m in the middle of a bunch of AI and my culture sucks, barbs are stronger than me, and I have very few cities.

I hate world congress. Especially when it gives me a turn to complete that I cannot do anything in.

Quit being a bad boy.

Oops, it was me being the bad boy.

You are my bad boy idol.

Get a room you two…please…

Anyone seen anything like this ?

Apostles at distant, isolated, unconverted city states. Numerous conversion charge attempts are met by zero individual conversions, zero citizens converted ?

No, I have not seen that. Very odd.

Odd, I have not but I am not spreading a religion either.

Nor am I, it seems… :exploding_head:

The game won’t load because I don’t have MOD better balanced game 4.6.4. I have 4.7.5. Did somebody load an old mod? Should we revert the turn and delete 4.6.4?