Mesías & Friends, the comeback! [Primordial, Deity] (ab1f4585)

Smack talk goes here for Mesías & Friends, the comeback! [Primordial, Deity]! Game URL:

Welcome back!

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If you’re looking for another human player I’d like to join :smiley:

Sure! Gonna PM you the password! :slight_smile:

Hi, @temp.use88. I see this is your first game on PlayYourDamnTurn. You’re of course welcome, but please commit to play your turns in time :slight_smile:

Welcome back… :slight_smile:

Thanks! :slight_smile:

The adventure has begun! Good luck and have fun!

hey @temp.use88. Welcome! Are you reading out messages?

Yes I am reading just when you sent that.

My first game of this form though… maybe it will take me some time to figure out how.
(I do have Civ VI with RF + GS installed of course.)

What is this map? Map Type: Other / Custom Map
I thought it was Primordial?

Primordial. Check out in the list on this page for some hint.

Alright… good for Inca then. :smiley:

Not too sure. There are 4 volcanoes surrounding my capital and disasters are set to max level :sweat_smile:

Oh good luck then… at least Liang can protect buildings…

I’ve no idea about the disasters level. Thanks for letting me know :man_facepalming:

Is all victory type allowed?

Yes, all of them.


Just curious, normally how many turns people play before they quit?

Yes will commit.

In my experience on PlayYourDamnTurn, players are usually very committed and don’t quit unless their situation is absolutely hopeless. And even in that case, many stand to the end.