Medieval War (7475262c)

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Game started. All random. Very slow tech and civ. Let’s talk if there are any issues. I left a bunch of DB’s mods so check them out so they are not complete surprises. I will probably be surprised anyway.

I see Starting Builder is a mod for this. If you mentioned it earlier I missed it, but no worries.

Seemed like a good idea at the time. I will try to show the mod selections.

I occupied a camp with a scout. Next turn scout had vanished. No attack or kill reports…

Are we declaring war in this game?

From the game description…

Medieval start and play, little or no tech advancement. Domination or score only. Peace is allowed but only Dom wins. Recommended to select a civ with a Medieval UU.

So no, you don’t have to declare war if you don’t want to. Not sure what happened to your scout.

Yea, that’s weird. I just took one with a sword, hope it is still there.

My intent is to play for a Domination win (none of those silly religious or spaceship wins :wink:)

A few things on the setup. Medieval but we are stuck in the last age, I guess I should have gone to the next one to play medieval units.

I used DB’s Gold and turned a lot off but left a bunch on without too much thought.

All in all if the game doesn’t play like we like, let’s scrap it an try again.

I want to keep going for now. I just got a swordsmen (whoopie!) from a goody hut and will use that and my archers to hopefully capture 2 nearby cities. This is the first time I have gotten a swordsmen from a goody hut.

I got one too but I have not found any nearby cities yet.

Odds are, we are all neighbors. Just seems to work that way.

When you took that one with a sword, was it empty ? In which case my scout had truly vanished with no combat involved, and no intermediate turn for anything else to have happened.

I didn’t move my swordsmen on a goody hut or a barb hut. I moved a scout onto a goody hut, and got the “the ancient villagers have given you a melee unit” notification and the swordsmen was in my capital.

I killed the unit in the barb camp with an archer and occupied it with a sword. I think an archer showed up next turn. I damaged him with the archer and took the gold. I expect more barbs to pop up but I have not lost a unit… yet.

Wrong thread but an impressive group of GDRs. I was wondering where they were hanging out.

I didn’t have a single GDR until you invaded my land. Then I bought 5 of them the same turn at 6,000 gold each = 30,000 gold. You may notice my gold dropped on that one turn.

Invaded? Peaceful Canada had war declared on it! We are just ensuring our peaceful preachers are allowed to bring the true religion to the world. We were attached unfairly!

I told you to move apostles out of my land. You stayed and spread your false religion. I denounced, and 5 turns later you still had apostles in my land spreading your filthy lies. But what I never did was attack any of your units. Until your ship attacked my ship. After that, it’s open season on Canada.

My ‘when you took that one with a sword’ text was meant to specify Dan as the as the intended interrogatee.
Just fyi…

Just promoted an almost dead galley. The experience star appeared, but it did not heal a jot.

I think I had a spear do the same. Probably a DB setting I let slip by.

Yep, I learned that the hard way. My unit didn’t heal when I promoted and the next turn…dead unit :frowning: