Let's Do the Time Warp Again: DB Gold game (9168f5b7)

Smack talk goes here for Let’s Do the Time Warp Again: DB Gold game! Game URL: https://playyourdamnturn.com/game/9168f5b7-71a8-4a42-93d5-bfda94211402

Hey, does anybody know how these mods interact with my other open games? When I install the mods can I still just play “normal” games without the mod? Or do I have to uninstall the mod every time I try to load another game from pydt?

game play mods won’t affect any already active games, as the save file says which mods for the game to load.

Is there a draft? If not, when can we pick our civs?

Hi, thanks to everybody for joining. I’ll start this game in exactly 24 hours.

@OtherRealisms, there’s no draft. If you have a preferred civ, go ahead and pick it. I don’t like banning things.

In terms of DB Gold mods, I’m thinking of using the reworked religion system, the combat changes, and the glorious No Foreign Info setting.

Speaking of Time Warps, does anyone object to starting in the Classical Era? Might help us skip the first month or so of moving one warrior per turn and waiting for stuff to happen.

I’m fine starting in the Classical Era.

I will go random.

I haven’t played with DB’s mod before, so if you could explain this stuff, that would be great.

@OtherRealisms the best thing to do is subscribe to the mod, go in the start game section, and scroll down and see what the mod does. There are about 50 different/new things the mod does and the person who starts the game can turn them on/off. So it’s not all or nothing, it’s like a menu. Below are a couple of examples:

-All goody huts are good, nothing bad.
-No more eurekas
-Districts don’t have adjacency bonuses, you have to put people in the district to get the benefits.
-Same governors but with new skills. And you don’t have to pick the first one to get the second one to get the third one. You can upgrade them in any order.
-City-states will progress through the tech tree along with the humans. So city-states don’t have warriors and archers in the modern era, they have infantry and cannons. Makes them harder to streamroll and makes levy of their military stronger.

Lots and lots in DB’s gold mod.

I guess that you as host will deciding which options will be used. So I can see what options we are playing with when I open the start game section, correct?

I found this, it’s like 16 pages long.

No, you can’t see the options. The game host will need to post which ones he selected on/off. Or you can just figure it out as we go along.

Please post here or provide screenshots, thanks

And we’re off! I enabled most of the DB gold settings, but not all of them. Also, DB recommends using an additional mod to slow down tech and civic progression because each civilization can learn from other civilizations by interacting diplomatically, opening trade routes, etc., so I’ve added that to the mod list and taken out the BBG mods.

You can enable these extra mods automatically by going into Civilization VI’s Settings menu and enabling “Automatically Add New Content”. It will handle loading the mods for you.

Here are the DB Gold settings screenshots:

Is it true that, since this game removes unique leader abilities and unique leader abilities, then it really doesn’t matter which civ you choose, because all civs are going to have the same abilities?

It looks like he unchecked that @OtherRealisms so I believe the civs do have their unique abilities.

That’s right. DB thinks that unique abilities are unfair. I tend to believe that’s the point. It changes your strategy with each other player. It’s more fun when you know you have to declare war on Genghis Khan the second you meet him to prevent Mongolia from opening trade routes with you, gaining ridiculous combat bonuses against you and wiping you out. You don’t have to do that with, say, Cree.

Does this game have BBG?

No BBG here @OtherRealisms, someone warned me that the current BBG mod and DB’s mod are incompatible. Apparently some players had to quit a game 3 months in the making because of it. Ultimately, both mods seek to achieve the same basic goal, so it makes sense to stick to one rather than both.

This is my first game with DB’s mod and it is crazy complicated. I have been running a test game and a lot of this stuff isn’t explained well at all.

For example, in my test game, when I finished my Pantheon obelisk, I noticed that a lot of Olympic Pantheons were already gone. Then I saw that all the city-states I met had Pantheon obelisks. To me, that screws up the game, because CSs don’t have enough territory to make good use of them.

Anyway, this will be my first and last DB’s mod game. If there were detailed guides like Civilization Wiki | Fandom or Steam Community :: Zigzagzigal :: Guides I might be more enthusiastic.

Can someone explain the game mechanism (or provide a reference) that explains how you get science and culture by having your units visit other civs? Thanks!