Let's Do the Time Warp Again: DB Gold game (9168f5b7)

Under DB’s gold mod. Under the Economic Options. The first tab titled “Learn from other civs” is checked. That means if another civ already knows a tech or civic that you don’t have then it’s faster for you to research it. If multiple civs know the tech or civic it’s even faster. Just look at the next tech or civic to research and look for the portraits of everybody who knows it. The purpose is so people don’t get too far behind. It’s no fun to attack somebody with tanks and bombers and they are defending with pikemen and crossbowmen.

Ok, makes sense, thanks.

I’m running a test game with the same settings as this one. I can’t find a way to see how many diplomatic victory points I have. Any suggestions?

sorry @geoffgreene511, but I felt compelled to take your settler. that territory is essential to me, as I have statue of Zeus pantheon. I hope that we can avoid an all-out war, which would impoverish the both of us while our competitors progress.

It is what it is. My settler was protected by a unit, but a barbarian killed the unit which made the settler open. An all-out war is not off the table. The Roman Empire is not concerned with impoverishing it’s people. It will just make slaves of the conquered. Perhaps returning the settler will appease my people.

I am not apposed in principle to returning your settler, but I’d have to get a lot for it. I don’t have the turn open and I don’t have a screenshot, so I am not sure what I would ask for in return. Please post a screen shot of the territory between us if you can, or I will.

@DogBoy511 It’s my turn. I opened it and made a screenshot, then I closed it without taking any actions.

I will walk the settler back to your territory for you to retake IF you promise not to move any settlers or units other than scouts on the concave side of the yellow line, or onto the tiles marked in a red dots, for 30 turns, that is, until turn 150.

Sorry for the “legalese” but I’ve made deals like this before only to have them breakdown due to a difference in interpretation.

@OtherRealisms it’s a deal. Move the settler back.