League of Nations for Fast Movers Only! (d0883a70)

Smack talk goes here for League of Nations for Fast Movers Only!! Game URL: https://playyourdamnturn.com/game/d0883a70-12a7-403b-a248-cd1bd926c4e2

Hello everyone! Welcome to the League of Nations for Fast Movers Only!

Before we begin, I will be optimizing our turn order to minimize wait times between turns. In the Smack Talk channel for this game, please post the GMT time-ranges during which you will typically be able to respond quickly (in less than 1 hour) when your turn comes up. You should list at least 2 time-ranges of 1 hour or more that begin at least six hours apart. (If one of your time ranges is longer than 6 hours, you may commit to only that one if you like.) The more/longer time ranges that you can commit to, the faster our game is likely to go!

Once our turn order is set, we will switch to a Discord channel for further communications and begin the game!

8.00-24.00 GMT

7.00-21.00 GMT

17:00 - 6:00 GMT

17:00 - 02:00

0200-0600 and 1400-1600 GMT

6.00-21.00 GMT

8am-22pm gmt best for 1700 to 2200 or 0800 tp 0900

8am GMT+1 to 11PM GMT + 1

OK! Once we hear from our_witchcult_grows, we’ll be able to start!

from 06 00 to 21 00 gmt

Thank you all for your replies! We have a turn order that ALMOST allows us to possibly manage 2 turns per day (see pic). The main scheduling issue happens to lie between OtherRealisms and J-dog, through no fault of their own - that’s just where their availability happens to be. Whenever it might be possible, the following would fix the issue:

  • If J-dog can manage to be available one hour earlier (at GMT 1:00) for their first time block.


  • If OtherRealisms can manage to be available one hour later for their first time block.

Everyone, please try to take your turns within the indicated time blocks whenever possible, but please be kind and considerate to your fellow players, as we all will have days here and there when we can’t manage to follow our normal schedule.

Our Discord channel should soon be setup; I’ll notify you all here when it is ready!

Our discord channel is now active here.

From this point forward, this discord channel is now the required forum for all public discourse! Feel free to message privately per the game rules.

Unlikely I’ll be earlier on my second block. That’s actually the start of my day at 7 am Pacific time.

I just realized that this game is gonna be played without BBG, are we correct? I would prefer to have BBG, what about the other players?, I just noticed that in game description it does not say that this game has BBG and I apologize for that, but since we are in the very beginning, maybe we can still change that in case the admin and most of the people agree. Thanks.

This game won’t be using BBG - you’ll need to work together with other civs if one player has too strong of an advantage!

  • for bbg

We can do that with or without BBG, I was asking for BBG for many other things that unbalance this game in its vanilla version, like the tech tree, civics tree, the governors, the dedications, wonders and and many other things. Adding BBG to the game wont change the way I cooperate with other players but will make the game better, I think is one of the best mods of this game.

I vote for using BBG - I think it’s a very good mod. But if the decision to play without him remains in force, then I will play without him …