Large Random Pangaea! (f1aa86c8)

Smack talk goes here for Large Random Pangaea!!! Game URL:

Can we kick @beetrave? It’s been a week and a half.

I agree

On vacation until Thursday

@n11n, can you kick @beetrave?

Yeah, have done it - Sorry guys, somehow missed how long it is taking.

That was a surprise. Guess i have a new game…

Yo @harre?

Some time over the next two weeks I will have to start a PC rebuild (5950x yay!) so that may take me 2-3 days offline. Apologies in advance, and happy xmas all.

@zarquonwhereareyou Come on Firaxis, we need RTX on Civ VI! :laughing:

Finally, 4 years of the load and reload times for Civ6 extremely irritating, now to just borderline irritating.
Now perhaps i should overclock it…

Happy New Year everyone, sorry it took a bit longer than i thought…

Cannot use new motherboard with new processor until reflashed bios, cannot find out until new processor in motherboard, cannot flash bios with new processor…days go by.

What CPU do you have?

amd ryzen 5950x

  • allegedly 5x faster than my previous cpu.
    45 seconds from press pc start button to win10 appearing.

I have not yet started playing around with bios settings so not sure what more it has to offer.
To save money i stuck with my old ram, so slower than it could be. I changed only mobo, cpu, power supply.

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Just wanted to note that I have submitted a support request to make me the owner of the game (since the original owner is gone), so I can kick MagicPlunger, who has disappeared from PYDT…

Thanks for stepping up. I had not noticed…

It took me a while to notice as well, since I have several games going. Until I realized I had 3 paused games with the last turn 2 months ago :stuck_out_tongue:

I was made admin, so I can kick MagicPlunger now. Do we want to find a substitute, or just replace him with AI?

Happy either way…

This game I think MagicPlunger’s replacement with AI could have a fairly big effect on the final outcome. Myself and ADYYC could potentially benefit (we are allies), while MagicPlunger’s ally nlla likely loses out in that scenario (who is currently on vacation). If you have a potential replacement in mind, then it might not be a bad idea to wait a little bit longer to get a replacement into the game.

ok, I’ll check the list of replacements to see whether someone is interested.