Land of the Lost (0f128371)

Smack talk goes here for Land of the Lost! Game URL:

This game will start in the next day or so, or whenever we get 5 players in.

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So my friend was thinking of using a mod that allows us to slow the tech/culture tree progression, to customise it. I was thinking for this game, it might be nice to have the 330 turns end around when the Medieval Era should be ending, meaning the whole game is played Ancient, Classical, Medieval. And once it hits Renaissance, it’s over, the Lost obviously have been found?

Thoughts? Dunno when Mr_6 will turn up. In good time.


Count me in!

There’s a mod called Take Your Time Ultimate that lets you customize how fast or slow the research and civics trees go. I don’t know if it allows for the kind of precision that would let you say “end the game at Renaissance.” Steam Workshop::Take your Time: Slower Research Trees

Also I would highly recommend BBG and BBS. Mostly just fairness/quality of life improvements. Although with this being more like competitive solitaire, maybe BBG isn’t needed.

I haven’t played with BBG. It’s probably very good. I am personally just not that interested in learning A LOT of the civ and leader abilities all over again because of the overhauls (but i’m open to try if that’s what you all want).

I chose random because I didn’t want to be the only one picking a leader. :sweat_smile:

can I join this game?

OK I’m in, YUSS! Hello, other players!

On the topic of Mods, I’m open but having not played MP this way before, it might be prudent to just … keep playing the way y’all are used to playing? I’m with JP_Dennis: let’s not overcomplicate it, unless you all really want to get creative.

Yes! I will add a slot. What’s the opposite of “lost”? Then you’re in! Welcome, I saw you around already. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Hard to miss, I guess. :wink::face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Well I have those now from your game I had to abandon due to my crippled DLC.

Spell them out for us, please?

Pretty sure this is exactly the mod Mr_6 showed me last night when he was arguing with his ______.

One turn at a time, you’ll be able to at your leisure…that’s kinda the beauty of PYDT!

I like Random too


Get Creative Damn You!!

Now that I’ve hollered back at y’all, I’ll go open that extra wide slot…

@fatusblobus let me know if you have any trouble with the entrance!

Edit: when do you most reliably play your turns, on a workday? Your time, give a range.

E.g. 6-8pm

0900-1200, 1900-2200 GMT

Do you have a clever player order for MAXIMUM TURNAGE, @Onanista?

Any idea when we’re starting?