Kvothe's game! (a1c3c974)

Smack talk goes here for Kvothe’s game!! Game URL: https://playyourdamnturn.com/game/a1c3c974-28dd-4a31-a7b7-c3db69dd91b5

At how many players do you guys want to start?

Looks like w have a full game, awesome! GLHF everyone!

uhm yeah

Can’t we really restart this?

Yeah this is pretty fucked as well for a huge map…

Also anyone else just have ghastly upload times? Or is that just my shit PC

Omg guys
Only now i’ve seen your fucked up starts. I was playing through the client and didn’t receive an e-mail or something for your comments.
Is there a way I can start it over?
It’s not even fair for you to play like this
How the hell did the game spawn two people on top of each other, or in the middle of a desert?

Yeah I never seen a spawn when city in the inplace location would have 2 production in total in all tiles in full range :slight_smile: Obviosly I spent some turns to move away and now it still looks ugly, but at least playable (despite I wasted those turns). I don’t mind continuing, especially when each turn takes quite long time.

Hey jvanheycop, it’s been almost 4 days since last turn
If you take longer, I will have to kick you

Sorry for ruining the game, my computer bricked and I only just got a new one set up. Couldn’t access the forums from my mobile or backup computer. Apologies to everyone.

No problem.
If there was some kind of skip button I could’ve just skipped your turn and you’d be back now.
I don’t know if you can come back now but if you can join in again

Nah I checked in the “In Progress Games with Open slots” tab and your game didn’t show up. Oh well, have fun killing the AI I guess!

Sorry, I have to surrender, as I don’t have access to a windows machine in the near future

From now on, whoever reaches 4 days turn time whithout giving a heads up will be kicked. LenP, you have 21h from now to play your turn or you’ll be kicked.

I’ll be out of town without a computer until Friday the 6th. Sorry for the delay.

All right, thanks for the heads up

I’m going to be out for about two weeks and can’t play another turn until 10/8. I apologize.

I would like to keep playing, but if you decide to continue without me I understand.


Too bad you can’t set vacation-mod and let AI play your turns here. I’m playing other games so I’m fine waiting until you get back, there’s already enough AIs in this game

@Leviathan can I pay you, so you don’t settle on that big island, which is 10 tiles down my capital?

I wanted to settle it much earlier, but got continuously declared by Sumeria then Japan then England then Kongo then China.

Please don’t take advantage of wars and understand that I really want that island as part of my Empire. It has high strategic point and I am tired of wars. And I do see big tensions may happen on that island otherwise.

Just give your reasonable price, please and we both will benefit from the deal?