Kennedy's game! (abcaabc7)

Smack talk goes here for Kennedy’s game!! Game URL:

Sumeria perhaps is also overpowered in our other game :))
but i started 2 games and in 2 games got random civ same-Jamaica, and another man got same KOngo 2 times, this random doesn’t look like working well

I’m fine with choosing, or random. If we are banning, I’d suggest no Russia as well, I just had a really lopsided game as them, and they seem to be real powerful once you get to Medieval era+.

Fractal, or TSL works for me. Looking forward to it!

I would rather not play another TSL. I have played that map many times.

I don’t care about banning civs, each as their own strength and weakness.

Maybe another time for TSL then. I’ve invited a couple of other people, but it looks like we’re at 5, and that seems fine.

I guess I’ll leave it at random, and hope nobody gets anything too overpowered, or not their favourite. I also shouldn’t declare Australia overpowered until I actually win the game with them. :slight_smile:

If you are talking about our 1 vs 1, you are definitely ahead. I’m doing everything “right” but still am falling behind you. I hope at some point my Hanza zones kick in and prove their worth.

Well, 40 turns of double production because I liberated a couple of City States helped my cause a little. :slight_smile:

My only real request for the game is that you play turn one for all of us to check if anyone is starting in Tundra. Just save after your turn one, then play through the remainder, restart from the esc menu if there is a tundra start, rinse repeat. If it’s a good map gen w/o anyone getting screwed, upload your post-turn 1 save.

This takes way more time than I’d like to admit, but it is so much better knowing all 6 players are in real starting plots instead of at a major disadvantage from the get go.

Shoot! I didn’t read that in time… That is a good idea, but I’ve uploaded already. I wonder if I revert back to myself whether I can do a new upload?

I did start in Tundra, but it is a decent start anyway so it doesn’t matter

There are two versions of Starting Scout available on the workshop, this is the working one as a FYI :slight_smile:

I got a decent start. Pretty dry and hardly any luxuries. At least no tundra in my tiles. Will be a slow start, but a good challenge!

i understood something wrong, did not prepare for scout, not sure what it is, cannot make my move, should i surrender? sorry gyus


‘Subscribe’ to this through Steam, Turn it on in-game.

I’m sorry Kilpa, I started the game with the scout mod, and didn’t give anyone info on where or what it was.

If you can’t figure it out, I can try reverting back to first turn and try to load up a new game.

I was a bit in a lack of time to make changes for scout to start working, so decided to quit and not keep you waiting

If China would kindly move their scout from exactly where I want to plant a city, I would appreciate it.

The scout is tired from exploring. He is resting.


I’ll gladly stop attacking if you move that scout anywhere but that one spot. Also, how did you put that “not cool” tag on my slinger? :slight_smile:

You can insert map pins. When you do, there is a tiny drop down menu where you can make the message to yourself, to a specific person, or to everybody.

Guess we will be at war for thousands of years now :frowning: