Just One More Turn Before The Golden Age Ends -- All are welcome to join! (dccc8a1c)

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Something happened to our game. Maybe it got corrupted?

I’m trying to reverting turns, but in the meantime looking into this

My civ went from 1 to 9 population somehow:

Screenshot 2023-12-24 at 11.53.02 AM

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According to someone on Discord:

Turned game timer off… reverted a few turns, waiting for @SunTzuShin3 to report whether my empire score looks normal or not. If still messed up will keep reverting.

Since it’s early game, and @SunTzuShin3 reported to see my empire score at 17 still… I went all the way back to my turn.

Hopefully, this resolves it.

Starting to think collinbachi went AWOL, can’t tag him because he doesn’t seem to have a steam profile. Might look for replacement or kick if he doesn’t come back.

Hey guys, I’m going to kick collinbachi. He hasn’t done a turn since February 3rd (skipped 19 of 23 turns).

Does anyone have a replacement? I’m going to put a message up to let someone else take his spot, but I think it’s likely will we have an AI player in his place.

i subbed in if that’s ok


Definitely OK! he has been basically an AI player for most his turns, good luck! :slight_smile: :sweat_smile:

Hello everyone :slight_smile:


well that didn’t last long. @SunTzuShin3 will be taking out my one an only city very shortly. cheers, all.

@slane appreciate you joining at least! Think the person you replaced was MIA like all game, so was probably a rough spot

yeah, one city, no military, no walls.