JTHS Physics! (9a621a84)

Smack talk goes here for JTHS Physics!! Game URL: https://playyourdamnturn.com/game/9a621a84-e33b-4768-b4c4-1337cc92e7ae

….I gotta tell you, in my first 3 moves, I feel that I have begun my master stroke. I feel that I will achieve all of the victories simultaneously four moves from now. Surrender now, and I will show mercy on your culture by building a museum dedicated to it.

Chauncey Doodles (Burkey)

I see your words, but looking around my grand city all I see is open fields, rich resources, and my vast armies looking outward.

I’ll surender if my museum can have a Mold-a-Rama machine.

Sorry, I can’t abide that burning wax smell. Can I talk you into a pressed penny machine with various stamps reflecting highlights of your culture?

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Since by the ordination of God I both am called and am Emperor of the Germans, in nothing but name shall I appear to be ruler if the control of the German cities be wrested from my hands.

@ChaunceyDoodles Instead of pennies, can we call them medallions?

More than reasonable! Thank you for being so willing to submit.

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Alas, then, for the Mighty Teutons, for their kingdom shall fall, their line shall perish, and none shall remember them.

Behold! In this very round, I have learned things! Fear the mighty Arabian Empire, for we have knowledge!

@ChaunceyDoodles When do I get my medallions?

The Medallions are on back-order.

Behold, the Arabians have produced a builder! He shall go forth and build glory! He shall build destiny! He shall build Galactic Empire! (Our aspirations are not contained simply to this sphere)

You Egyptians are an interesting gaggle of backwards wanderers. You dream so large that you forget your own ancestry!

@ChaunceyDoodles Back-order?! Don’t promise me something you can’t deliver on.


The effort you put forth in mocking your betters instead of directing it towards proper fealty only shows why the Arabian Empire shall crush you.

Side Note: 1) Are we playing with barbarians? Villages? Any limits on victories?
2) I had to redo my turn 4 times today to get it to save and upload properly.

BEHOLD! The Arabians have, by a mere act of farming, increased our knowledge of irrigation! The mighty tremble!

  1. Yes, yes, no (I meant to turn off Score Victory, but forgot)
  2. Weird.
  3. I’m Arabia. You all see the Arabian loading screen because I started the game. It’s a weird holdover from the multiplayer features being kinda weak in this game. Kinda sucks.
    Eric - Arabia
    Zak - Germany
    Nick - Spain
    Meg - Japan
    James - Egypt
    AI - Sumeria

P.S. We’re trembling only because the entire ground is trembling beneath the marching of our armies!