Huge, gigantic, big, mammoth, marathon on Primordial map (maybe we will see a mammoth!) (e43cd6d2)

Smack talk goes here for Huge, gigantic, big, mammoth, marathon on Primordial map (maybe we will see a mammoth!)! Game URL:

… and away we go!

Oh goody, Persia. I’m 0/2 using Persia in multiplayer games.

first time Scotland for me

23 turns to produce a scout! Dear Lord! xDD Losing a unit in this game might cause posttraumatic stress disorder, ha ha.

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Spoiler alert, Mesias is building a scout! :grinning:

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Who am I? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Spoiler Alert. I am building a giant death robot.

…perhaps in 2029…

2 turns down, 1498 to go. There is a beer song that goes with that.

Ha ha ha ha.

If I lose a race to a wonder I will cry… :sob:

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I’m optimistic about the future. At this rate I might research Pottery before Christmas!! :joy:

I am bee-lining for the GDR

I had a barb scout show up and disappear, and my wandering warrior is far away. My first unit still has 20+ turns to build. I hope I’m not eliminated by the barbarians before I do anything in this game.

Well, there’s not much they can pillage at the moment, ha ha. I believe barbarians can’t raze capital cities, but I’m not 100% sure.

I’m afraid I will have to be replaced in this game. I live in a cottage in the countryside and my connection is pretty slow, specially the upload speed. Since the saves of this game are too big, I have to try multiple times in order to upload it, getting a lot of “Sorry we ran into an error” messages and wasting a lot of time.

Well that’s a bummer. But the game is so new we should be able to get somebody in.

Yeah, I was liking this game and starting position looked promising. Maybe @onesixty2 is interested in replacing me, as he did in some of my games when I went on a trip last winter.

I need to pass at this time, I’m barely able to keep my current games under 24 hour turnaround these days… :frowning: goodluck otherwise!

I had a slow day yesterday with saves and could not upload or download my file for a while. I even reset my client. Is the slow speed a one-off?

Sorry guys, I cannot upload it. I’ve tried a ton of times and it won’t upload.

No, unfortunately my slow connection is a permanent thing. Living some km away from civilization has some good things, but fast Internet isn’t one of those, at least here in Spain. I download stuff at around 320 kb/s and upload at about 20 kb/s.

At first I had some issues to send my turns, but after 3-4 attempts it would upload. Now it just does not work. The save game size must have increased.