Huge, gigantic, big, mammoth, marathon on Primordial map (maybe we will see a mammoth!) (e43cd6d2)

I had advertised for a player, had a nibble but no bite.

Unless a development occurs or someone strongly objects, (I know Geoff was excited to be seeking a Cyrus victory)… I will end the game in a few days.

@dand4444 do you want to take over? We are only like 20 turns or so in the game.

I am happy to see someone else take over.
However, even if not, do we want to end this? Is there a big difference between 4 and 3 players? 8 or 9 ai?

Sure if you need one

@Mesias-G send dand4444 your password, and @Valamas can put him in the game. Let’s keep this rolling!

How can I see my password? Isn’t it easier if we call in @SackGT the savior and he replaces me with @dand4444 using his magical powers?

The password is

I tried set the game parameters to allow users to join after start. However, every time i try to save, the form errors.

Wait for @SackGT to answer. He’s the admin and can switch us.

OK, I think you’re good to go. If it’s not working, may need to revert a turn.

Sorry to hear you’re having issues, @Mesias-G. There’s a 60 second time limit to upload the file, I might be able to increase that a bit if you’re having this issue consistently and not only in this game.

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Played turn. No problem. If @Mesias-G works out your issues and wants back in, let me know.

oh man, at this speed, changing production is crazy. I have done it twice

Changing production on marathon is a no-no.

From the client: There was an error submitting your turn. Please try again.

I finished my turn and says Geoff is next. Any advice?

Ok, it saved and uploaded. All good second time round.

Exactly how many effing mountains in a row can this map provide before it gets bored ?

Primordial map. Anyone else have a minefield of volcanoes?

No but lots of tundra

I have seen 1 volcano, and 23 marsh tiles. Can’t wait to uncover more marsh tiles.

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Desert, sorry, did I mention desert? Tundra and desert. Mountains and marsh sound nice. Volcanoes, well…

@dand4444 I must have misunderstood and voted for the emergency. So I will not be attacking any unit I encounter and will declare peace asap.

No problem, not sure why it popped up. Not like Dogboy hasn’t been breaking the china.