GS Newbs (ba99a32e)

Smack talk goes here for GS Newbs! Game URL:

I hope you are enjoying your start. My start looks great. But so far haven’t found any great spots for a second city. This -30% on producing units is going to be tough. It took forever for my first unit. If we meet soon, then an early archer/warrior rush will finish me off. I chose Mali because I loved them in Civ IV. Hope their mid-late game turns out to be good.

I’m in a pretty lush spot, so might be good. Much better than last couple of games. I’m inclined to want this to go long so we can see some new features, but we’ll see. Oh… can we agree no human city razing? It’s too heartbreaking. :slight_smile:

I can agree to no city razing the first time. But if I’m on the warpath (not likely as Mali) and a city is being obstinate, then no promises.

Fair enough… one chance to get a city back seems sporting. Good luck with Mali. You’re already pretty good at amassing wealth from what I’ve seen.

I have decided that my position is not as great as I thought it was. It’s not bad, but just not great. I have been watching some Mali videos on youtube. Mali just need flat desert, hills desert, and rivers. But this game is a lot of fun, I’m enjoying it so far. Very slow to start, but I think I can catch up.

Well, I’m really enjoying the Turks. Starting to snowball pretty hard, but we’ll see what Mali is made of. :slight_smile:

Seems to be a problem with the save file. I’m going to revert, but also am going to go to bed. :slight_smile:

Hopefully its fixed now. Really enjoying trying to play the Mali.

It says receiving turn 120 when expecting 121, so maybe if you revert too? Would rather not lose this game!We may have to try going back a few turns.

I just reverted it. Hopefully this fixes it.

Nope… maybe back a couple of turns? Then I’ll have to remember what I played.

I just reverted. Yes, let’s revert a couple of turns. I’m about to leave for the day, night, and all day tomorrow so can’t play.

I reverted the turn to 115. I didn’t know I could be the one that reverted it back a ways. Hope this fixes it.

Still corrupted and expecting turn 121 but getting 120. Do we know anyone who can fix these?

If we need to do a new game, I’m still into Ottomans, but damn his game was going well! Grrr.

@mrosack not sure if you can help, but maybe you can. The game is corrupted on turn 120/121. We have reverted multiple times, to include reverting back to turn 115. Is there anything you can do other than revert the turn? Thanks.

@Kennedy992 I just thought of something. Even if it is turn 120 again, maybe try playing it. Who knows, the game might want us to play the same turn twice?

I can play the turn just fine, but when it’s time to upload, it fails and says it got turn 120, but was expecting 121. I’ll try uploading from the webpage, see if that makes a difference.

Nope same message.

I’ll take a look in a couple hours, but you’re sure that there’s no units waiting for orders and it says the next player’s name when you save the turn?