Glacial era (6b4ff783)

I wanna start the game too (and make a new one again! This is so addictive!). I ask one last time to @shinjoshun and we can go :slight_smile:

@Catalpa and @爷爷… This name… Can’t ping him.

I need your favorite play time (GMT) to adapt the turn order.

@shinjoshun told me that if we have 11/12 players, he is our 12/12.

Playing-time from end of october 06:00 - 19:00 UTC, before 1 hour earlier, but use this times please.

available from 22:00 to 24:00,GMT+8 ,the mid night/ the Sunday 19:00-23:00 ,GMT+8

The game is ready to start. We are just waiting for our last player that should be here this evening.

I’m in. sorry for making you wait


Interesting turn order - taking the infos available it may take 3-4 days/round :wink:

Yes you are right, this need explanations.

I’ve talk in private with @Valamas that has access to turns data. He told me, with our gaming hours that the turn order should be around:

CEO of Spearfi
Yeti la Pesadi

I quote him: “Three players are missing as they are very new players and don’t exist in my current dataset, let alone having enough turns to fit them in to any order.
You will have to go off their timezone or ask when they play UTC, or throw a dart blindfolded.”

I tried my best to adapt the informations I have + the recommandations from Valamas.

I trust him :slight_smile: and I trust the datas.

NB: It’s not that far from my Excel sheet.

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You may be right. I made a turn order for a 12-player game about 3 months before - with the possibility of 1 round/day.
We reached the goal of 1 round/day several times, especially at the beginning, but now, we have an average of 7 hours/turn (o.k., one player couldn’t play for 8 days and another “vanished” with a few very long turns before), but actually we need about 3 days for one round.

Anyway I would have tried to create a turn order with one round every 2 dyas, on the order you made, we need minimum 3 days/round, often 4… But if we reach those 3-4 days mostly, this game will be as fast as mine. :wink:

I think I’m one of the new ones w/ not enough data to know where to put me in the line-up. About the only time I don’t send a move is when I’m sleeping (9:30 PM to about 6:30 AM U.S. Central, which I think is also GMT - 6). I’m playing two longer-term games by e-mail (Civ V) the old way where it’s actually an e-mail, save file to hotseat folder, play, save, e-mail back.

I only learned about PYDT a month or so ago. I’ll try hard to have a quick turnaround time when I get the notification. Have a good day, all!

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sr guys ,I only have the time for every midnight after work,and this can be very inconvenient ,double apology

Don’t worry, on islands plates, the maori will kill a civ by era :wink:

I’ll do my best :smile:

Nooooooooo. Not CEO at war again! :frowning:

Rembember to come with us in Discord. This will be easier with no full time pings + you should be able to create private rooms if you need.