[FIXED] Old World PYDT Mod Not Working

It looks like the most recent Old World update broke the PYDT mod, so the game won’t immediately save/exit after your turn. I’ll look into this as soon as I can, but to keep games going you can just close your eyes and press save on the next player’s turn. :slight_smile:

I’ve deployed version 1.0.2 of the PYDT old world mod that should fix this issue, I don’t think it will automatically update, though, you might need to go into your mods area and update it.

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Does the PYDT mod do anything other than making the game save and exit? I am wondering if PYDT-style support would be something we can build into the game directly and remove the need for the mod?

Yup, that’s all it does - in standard civ the hotseat screen asks for a password between turns and PYDT sets the password to random values for the other players, so the only option is really to save and quit. If that functionality (or something similar) was in old world that’d be great, but I think the mod solution works perfectly fine, thanks!