Fatusblobus' Huge Terra Map! (75f279d7)

Smack talk goes here for Fatusblobus’ Huge Terra Map!! Game URL: https://playyourdamnturn.com/game/75f279d7-e1c5-4e4e-937f-6466090ac86a

Which balance mods are we using? I see a lot of mods with those names. Can you name the authors and/or provide a link @fatusblobus ?

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Better Balanced Game 4.6.4
Steam Workshop::Better Balanced Game 4.6.4 (BBG) (steamcommunity.com)

Better Balanced Starts 1.6.9
Steam Workshop::Better Balanced Starts (BBS) (steamcommunity.com)

Hope that helps.

Thanks! So, now that all players are in, you said something about a draft? As someone new to this, how does that work?

Hi folks,

I’m busy working today so I’ll get this game set up tomorrow

Hi, this is how it works.

I will use a bot to randomly select a group of Civs for you to choose from, relay your options to you, and then you will tell me which of them you would like to play as

You will also need DB’s Civ VI Gold:
Steam Workshop: DB’s Civ VI Gold

Hello everyone,

I have finished publishing a much more detailed set of rules in the discord server for this game (link has been added to the game description above.) Please join ASAP and read the pinned comments.

Tomorrow we will do the draft, choose Civ’s and hopefully get the game underway!

So, most of us have checked in on the Discord, who’s left?

@Mad_SMAKs I see you haven’t joined the discord yet - the draft is underway and your choices are


Could you please join the discord and state your choice (preferable) or post your choice here?


Hi Fatusblobus1

I’ll join the Discord channel later as I’m at work now but you can put me down for Nubia as I’ve never played them.


Hey, so I just started another game myself, but I’m not quite sure what steps to take to get it started. Can anyone give or share with me instructions on how to do that?

I cannot load save
because BBS mod updated :frowning:

Fix: Sign In

Is this one over?


How long are we planning to wait?

@Dinode it’s been a few days, could we have an update on your status?

10 days