Epic Huge Fractal FFA No Zombies! (90cb2c53)

I’ve tried again and same thing happens. I only have the option to Save my turn which I do and on uploading to PYDT I receive the message: Incorrect game turn in save file! (actual: 152, expected: 153).
I note that @petrojbl1 had their turn skipped too due to the timer so I’m going to revert the turn and remove the timer unless anyone has any further comments or suggestions.

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OK I’ve reverted the turn and removed the timer. Think @petrojbl1 will be back tomorrow so hopefully find out soon if that works.

Please turn on the timer. How long can you wait?

I see @andrewsmart48 is taking turns today.

Please turn on the timer anyway. It’s too bad that the game moves so slowly. In another game he hasn’t made a turn for 8 days.

I will be back to playing quickly from tomorrow

Please turn on the timer.

Is everyone happy with me adding a timer? I’m not sure what’s happened to @andrewsmart48 so I can set it to skip him immediately, I think. Probably set it at 2 days. Any objections?

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Mark him for substitution, he’s out across the board.

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It is high time. I fully support it.

Timer works for me.

I see @andrewsmart48 has updated his status. Sorry to hear you’re unable to take turns @andrewsmart48. I will set the timer as suggested.

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I am unable to set it to skip a player immediately unless that player has selected Vacation mode. @andrewsmart48 if you can set Vacation mode you will be kept in the game and can return if/when suits. Alternatively you can request a sub or simply leave the game. I hope your circumstances improve swiftly.

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In turn 162 in an epic game half of the human players are already gone. what is happening in this game? I have never seen a kill count so high in a civ game so early. And “early” being a joke on itself for a game that is being played for two and a half years.
by the way, how can this be about “building a world” when you can’t have a science victory, so you have to kill everyone to win.
Anyway, I’m intrigued. I would like to join, but I need the password.

Hi @Phuzzy I have removed the password so feel free to join. I’m on a continent with 3 other Civs and haven’t met the remaining Civs, including Persia, yet so can’t comment on what has happened there!

I think I’m going to concede this one to @Rishat13 on my next turn. I’ve got the wrong heroes, lacking a partner for a military alliance, and disadvantaged by varus in the water. GG and well played.

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Thank you! You play very well too. Our struggle is very difficult and interesting!

are there any rules about making deals with AI players?