Epic Huge Fractal FFA No Zombies! (90cb2c53)

Smack talk goes here for Epic Huge Fractal FFA No Zombies! ! Game URL: https://playyourdamnturn.com/game/90cb2c53-bb47-4a09-abd5-ad6ed33392fe

Why such a leap from epic speed to online? Let’s set the speed to normal. I’ll join then too.

That was an accident.

I would never play a game faster than Epic.

I’ll start the game when I wake up, if anyone has any preferences or things to say, you’ve got 8 hours to speak up. Till then, Live Long and Prosper and May the Force be With You.

I ask you to set the modes:
“Corporations and Monopolies”, “Barbaric Clans” and “The Great Era”.
And I beg you not to set the modes: “heroes and legends” and “random technologies”.

Corps and Barbaric clans are in. Great Era I’m unconvinced.

Also is there a reason to be strongly against heroes and legends?

I agree no Random Technologies.

So I’m open to give you some but possibly not all that you ask for.

And I can definitely be convinced on Great Era and Heroes n Legends.

My thing with mode choices like that – especially being fairly new to Civ 6 (from Civ V) I was looking at the modes like “Which ones add to the game without taking anything away” And in that way, it seems to me like Heroes and Legends adds without taking away – where as Great Era fundamentally changes an aspect of the game (seemingly) so that it does kinda take away to make room for it.

I could be wrong though.

I’m fine with Corps and Monopolies, as well as Barbaric Clan game modes. Indifferent on Heroes and Legends and Random Tech game modes. I’m definitely out on “Dramatic Ages” game mode. I’m not sure if that is “The Great Era” or if “The Great Era” is a random mod that I couldn’t immediately find in the workshop.

I assumed he meant dramatic ages.

And while I couldn’t 100% remember what it did, I remember not wanting it last time I looked at it.

So yeah. Sounds like everyone is just pretty good with my instincts. Hopefully the heroes wont change the game enoguh to bother Rishat, and other than that it’ll feel like a pretty normal but complete game. I’ll set it up now.

“Heroes and Legends” brings an outrageous imbalance to the game. Someone will receive 2-3 heroes, someone will not receive a single one (There are only 12 of them). After that, you can already give up in this game.
Someone will get Beowulf, and he will immediately, thanks only to this luck, destroy his neighbor. Beowulf approaches the unit and immediately kills it. And so in 6 moves it kills 6 best units. After that, any war is lost. Do we have a strategy game or a lottery?

Okay. But you don’t have to win the game through straight warfare. There are other ways to win the game.

Also, this is an open communication game, if someone becomes overpowering, he might always find himself suddenly against everyone else in the game. Just because it’s an FFA and we don’t start out in teams doesn’t mean we can’t make alliances.

So I mean, war isn’t everything – and there are still dynamics we can play to counter imbalance. Imbalance and lottery are true in every game – that the challenge and unpredictability of life.

The challenge is trying to overcome these obstacles.

And when I say you don’t have to win by warfare:

Even though its a domination only victory condition … I just mean that you can dominate through alliances and diplomacy, grow your nations in other ways, and create effective defenses. I think it’s fair in a game like this if a group of people create a coalition and make it to the end game as a prosperous alliance of United Nations – I don’t see any reason why we can’t declare them all winners. If we wanna give someone a gold medal it can be for having the high score at the end of all things – as opposed to having to straight kill everyone

Of course if you’re the type to want to kill everything, I’m not trying to discourage you. Play what’s true to you, and we shall do the same. Just don’t be mad if, say, an overpowering aggressive nation finds others allying against him. That’s exactly how these things work.

And I know that’s not how everyone sees the game. I guess I just kinda play the game like Sim City. You “Win” if you can make it to the end. Everything else is just trying to make as prosperous a nation as possible in the world we’re in.

If my neighbor got Beowulf and went to war with me, then I no longer have a chance to play some other victory. He will just destroy me at the beginning of the game. The player who doubles his territory and the number of cities at the beginning of the game will break out in science and other aspects. The alliance against him will no longer help. On a giant map, distant players will not have time to bring their backward units to war, while this giant will capture the territories of other neighbors.

I mean you’re right.

Thankfully the odds of that specifically happening to you (Being the one beside him who dies first) are at least like 1/20, so hopefully you have a good game!

And if you get beowulf first, you’re welcome to show us what you mean and change our minds.

And if someone else gets beowulf first – you’re welcome to use him responsibly and keep the game friendly.

In one of my games, I found Hyppolita. I guess Wonder Woman’s mom left Themyscera to fight for me – which is pretty cool. But I haven’t figured out how to use her yet.

Why create a game in which the winner of the lottery Beowulf wins? You can simply not include this imbalance mode.

I will keep that in mind for the next game, but it’s already launched now.

And I think we’re good on games for a while. See how these play out, and then in a couple months we can learn from our mistakes and make an even better game.

Again, there are plenty of lotteries in this game. I did legendary starts, which warns that that itself is a lottery. Some will get better starts than others.

You wanna know where I started? Tundra!

Puts me at a severe disadvantage. shrug but shit happens.

I just named my town Winterfell, and I’m good to go.

Maybe I end up getting Beowulf.

Maybe Beowulf ends up being the only thing that keeps me in the game. Someone smells weakness, tries to kill me earlier on. Beowulf fights them off. Lottery works in my favour. 50% of the game is lottery and then the other 50% is trying to make the dice rolls work for you.

Well, the good news for the others out there is: after my start position, there can’t be much tundra left to go round.

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It’s a shuffle map

Maybe the shuffle chose “All tundra all the time”

Which actually would probably be fine for me

Apparently Canada gets bonuses from farms built on Tundra! This is my game! Prepare to be faced with the might of the Canadian Empire Eh! We will push our borders right up against your borders and say “ooo, sorry aboot that.” and extend our hand in friendship.

Remember what Sean Bean always says. “Courtesy and kindness are the characteristics of the Canaadian Peooople.” Every time Sean Bean talks about Canada, it makes me feel so proud, and wanna salute.

Please take a screenshot of the starting settings of our game.

Can I do that if it’s not my turn?

The person who’s turn it is can, I guess – or you can wait till it’s your turn and see, or I can recreate them for you, I saved a template so it’s easy for me.

Also, if you’re asking because you’re afraid I gamed the system by choosing Canada on an all Tundra map, first off I’m canada in all my games cause I’m canadian. Second of all the website wont let me make a game that isn’t set to shuffle. Like in my first game I had it at continents, and then made one with Fractals instead – and the site upon upload was like “NO! IT HAS TO BE CONTINENTS!” So I had to remake the game.

So like the site is keeping me honest, I couldn’t cheat like that if I wanted to.

Already no one can look at the settings in this game. You can recreate the same settings for a new game and take a screenshot.

Pretty sure there is a way to see, but idc.

Can I even put a picture here? Or should I put it on the discord.