Epic Civilization V Comp Stomp (13cb392f)

Smack talk goes here for Epic Civilization V Comp Stomp! Game URL: https://playyourdamnturn.com/game/13cb392f-2763-42d5-8956-1a2abd8fdd69

Hey welcome to the Civ V game I’m trying to make.

I thought you might have saw this on my Discord. I’m trying to get people to join the game but not many are interested in Civ V.

Personally, I prefer it to Civ VI, especially now I’ve played Civ VI some.

If no one else comes, we could always just be on a team together and stomp some comps if you’re interested.

Hi, I play two civ V games here on PYDT. Here are my teammates: https://www.playyourdamnturn.com/game/0ee27dd1-ad44-4577-bb22-c39ae48d728d
You can contact them.

Oh wow, I didn’t know that!

The Civ VI games I’m playing on this site are the first ones I’ve ever played… and I’m not enjoying it. It’s not as fun as Civ V… am I crazy?

I hate the way you have to make districts to make certain buildings, and they use up a tile.

I hate the way builders have limited use.

I hate the way cities can lose loyalty and leave you just for being too close to an enemy city.

It like overly complicates and gamifies the parts of the game I used to like the best.

If you want to join my discord and help convince some of the others in our Civ VI game to join us, it’s here: 99% Geek

It’s not very active though.

Hail! I am very happy to join the fun as France for a change. I’m sure you will quickly populate the game.


Do you use GMR? It is only for Civ V. And in this PYDT is also possible play Beyond Earth Civilization. This is developed on CivV engine. Also OldRepublic is here but I’ve never played it.

Hey! Thanks for joining!

Yeah, Michaqel. I used to use GMR. For years and Years, it was the shit.

But it was a lot buggier than this, and I lost a lot of games to it. Eventually all my games glitched out at the same time and I gave up on it for years and years… until one day I came upon this site.

And that was when I finally decided to give Civ 6 a chance… (I’d kept putting it off) but like… so far I really don’t like Civ 6. Every change it made from Civ 5 seems to be for the worse.

:smiley: I like both game. Yes GMR is GMR. But if you are very very Civ fanatik then you can try this link :smiley: : Play Civilization online — Sid Meier's strategy game

I used to own that game for reals.

Matt Lambert!

Glad you could join us!

The game grows! Before I was leaning towards 3vCPU, but now we have a fourth we could do 2v2vCPU. or we can just do a free for all.

You have any experience with V Matt?

Yeah I used to play it a bunch before VI came out, but i’ve forgotten a lot. I had a run last night when I decided to join this game.
I don’t mind how we set this game up.

Ooo! Another person!


Should we wait for one more and do 3v3vCPU?

Or 2v2v2vCPU?

Or free for all vs CPU?

OR, should we wait for a full game at this rate and just play all players?

Maybe wait a little longer, I’m sure you will get more to join, but happy not to if that is your preference…

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Okay, we’ll at least wait for one more.

And I’m leaning towards a 2v2v2vCPU. Me and Lambert. Michaqel and the guy from his other game, and then you and whoever the next guy is.

And then we’ll either wait for more, or start with CPU filling the rest of the slots.

Sounds like a plan :+1:

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Hey WingcommanderIV it seems like you are way to busy to play this game which is totally fine, but at this pace it will likely be completed in about five years time. If it stays like this I might have to quit and replace it with a more active civ 5 game.

What… I just did my turn.

Oh shit. Was it 8 days.


But I’m sorry I really didn’t mean for that to happen. This is exactly why I never wanted to work two jobs.

Hey mate, take a look at the turn history. The average turnaround is two weeks.
As I said, you seem too busy for this game and looking at your Discord with all the other games and streaming you do too.

I will hang around for the rest of this month and see how things play out.