Easyzivi's game 2 manually balanced (6b1a7e97)

Smack talk goes here for easyzivi’s game 2 manually balanced! Game URL: https://playyourdamnturn.com/game/6b1a7e97-4b4e-4f43-9e67-17f66eb165df

hi ronai,
good to see you,
which time zone are you in?

My timezone: Central European Summer Time. On weekdays I can only play one turn in the morning and a couple of turns in the late evening/night.

hi bob, nice to meet you!

Hi, im EEST Eastern European Summer Time, mostly i make moves in the evening 21-24hrs, sometimes in the morning 6:30-7hrs.

Hi bob, greylock, Kennedy and kilpa, good to have you on board!
No worries with the turns, everybody at its own pace! I appreciate it though if you let us know when you are away for couple of days or so…
I would love to have an automated message to my phone once its my turn, I have seen this topics on the thread but to my knowledge there is no solutions there yet, right?
I will start the game soon, I wonder whether I can do so with the proposed leader or whether we have to assign them in advance, I will let you now by later today

ok, after about 20 rerolls I found a map seed with all decent to good starting locations. No CIV is isolated, no tundra start.
What about each of you selects a Leader of his liking - not allowed are the following: Scythia, Sumeria, Australia, Nubia, Korea, Macedonia, Aztec, Germany, Persia

Just be aware that you wont get the starting bias this way (like jungle for brazil)

ronai, I had to change the settings, pls select a civ and we are good to go

do you want to ban the god of the forge pantheon?

Heya easyzivi.

Sorry for the late reply.

I don’t see a problem keeping that pantheon.

ok its started, have fun!

I will be away from Saturday until some time Wednesday…

I will be away for 10 days from Thursday 11.10 till Saturday 20.10: will be able to do my damn turns at best every 1-2days, sry for the inconvenience

Hello all,

I will be away until Sunday 22.12.18.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

I will be off to holidays till 4th of January. Sorry to keep you waiting

Looks like Evilronai has left the game for some reason… should we try to recruit a replacement? Might be too easy and guilt free conquests for me or Kilpa which could unbalance the game at a very crucial moment. Alternatively, we could agree to leave the Mongolians alone for 20 turns or so.

Also, sorry to see you go Evilronai. :slight_smile:

yes, thats unfortunate, I was hoping he would pressure Rome from the back - I am virtually out of that game anyways, having some military up but my science too low. Given that Mongolia is accessible both for Rome and Japan I feel like you could just battle that out without him…

easy, did you suggest any kind of cooperation to Mongolia after me and Japan allied against you?
we could ask somebody to replace him. will need to move one turn back i think. He has 0 games now, so guess was some serious reason for that, sadly no notice to us.

hey kilpa,
I bribed the AI to go to war :slight_smile:
I think mongolia is too far behind to compete for the win so I would suggest to just keep going

I just wonder why im not in war with Mongolia if Japan is…Alliances seems not working correct, if friendship is stronger than contract with ally.

how much you paid? :slight_smile:

not too much actually but yes you are right, i thought they should go to war with you as well… not 100% sure though, probably friendship prevents it…