Earth - 12 players - No password, you're welcome. (d5b1fb88)

Smack talk goes here for Earth - 12 players - No password, you’re welcome.! Game URL:

there is a password?

No more password.

As most of us are going random civ and to preserve equity, it’s now random civ for everyone.

I had picked random civ anyway as I’m utterly clueless about the Earth mapscript :^)

We have, for this game, some players that take a lot of time to play their turn. I don’t want to kick anyone for this reason at the moment.

But, when this game will start, i’ll build a new game for fast players only. Maybe for players with only 3 or 6 hours average turn time.

What is your GMT @Bored? Same question for @danlmartins ?

My playing time is 12p - 12a GMT

I’m available between 16-18 GMT and 22-05 GMT on weekdays and pretty much completely available on weekends

I’m at gmt -3 and usually a fast player. i’ll let you know before hand if i’ll be away for longer than usual

I can play often between 23:00 - 03:00 GMT (my timezone is GMT-3 atm until march or april, then it changes to GMT-4 until september or october)

One more to go :slight_smile:

We are now full. I ll start the game this saturday.

Do we really need to do random? Just wondering

Maybe we could pick civs from a draft? I’m ok either way though

To be honest i am not good at Civilization. So, if some players take their best pick or optimized pick, it can’t be fun for players like me.

Moreover, it force good players out of their confort zone. It won’t help noobs like me to win but the game will be funnier for us :slight_smile:

That’s why most of my games are random only.

I’ll make another one why pick but not true start.

Only thing is we could all be in Europe. Why not pick 12 spaced out civs then random pick that perhaps.

I just saw that 12 players can’t be true start. We won’t be all at same place + BBG BBS

Off we go! And yes, I agree about not using True Start (I thought I even had posted about it, but seems not): since we’re using random civs we couldve ended up with 11 players in America and 1 in Eurasia.

Guys I have a problem, when I try to submit the file I get this message: “DLC mismatch! Please ensure that you have the correct DLC enabled (or disabled)! In save but not enabled: Rulers of China Leader Pack”. I tried with that DLC disabled and enabled but the same think happens. Does anybody have an idea of what should I do?

I am having the same issue in another game with the China Leader Pack.