Defiant War3 (723d97ca)

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Wow, this is going well…

What are the odds that 4 humans on a large fractal map with 6 AI all meeting each other by turn 35? I didn’t plan this.

I am enjoying the always war. Keeping me on my toes.

The game won’t load because I don’t have MOD better balanced game 4.7.2. I have 4.7.5. Did somebody load an old mod? Should we revert the turn and delete 4.7.2?

When BBG or BBS update, it seems like a revert fixes it everytime.

I am showing refusal on 4.7.2 also.

In another game I just reported there is some chat on the developers website about this being an april 1st joke by the developers - but nothing definitive. As it is April 2nd now when I had to revert this last save a few minutes ago, i don’t know where this is going.

To confirm - i just reverted it.

Developers website also advertises v5.0 as latest patch.

Received the game again. Again showing rejection on 4.7.2.

@Valamas what version do you have ?

About to revert again.

4.7.6 - Steam Workshop::Better Balanced Game 4.7.6 (BBG)

Something is going on in the discussion.

However, now I can’t load mine because it says it requires 4.7.2. A new thing.

From - Steam Community :: Better Balanced Game 4.7.6 (BBG) :: Discussions

Mods shouldn’t update for April fools

First of all, people really need to calm down and stop harassing the developer for a joke that went somewhat wrong. It’s not a reason to be hateful, rude or otherwise nasty. If you’re losing your mind over this you really to go for a walk outside.

That said, I agree that mods shouldn’t push updates for something like April fools. It’s unnecessary and, as we’ve seen, it can have rather annoying unforeseen consequences. It’s not fun to suddenly not be able to play the game. At the very least, perhaps one could expect to limit any April fools tomfoolery to parts of the mod that don’t require changing anything about the mod itself (i.e. the mod page).

That’s just my 2cents, lmk what y’all think

This new 4.7.4 apparently fixed the problem in

I have installed the new mod.Fingers crossed.

Wow, this is going weller…

Yep, this is going weller indeed. Time to mass slingers and warriors. Not much else to build.

Sounds like the smart move would be setting out to attack piggy-in-the-middle.
Perhaps after these hurricanes stop, if they ever do… :exploding_head:


Do we have to declare war on all civs, or just each other ?

Declare war on all major civs. Not required to declare war on city-states.


I’ve seen that. What does it mean and where did it come from?