Defiant War3 (723d97ca)

First time for me. Only in this game. I forgot to check another game.

I have seen that kind of corruption in one or two items in a few games in recent months.
Not aware of a pattern to it.

I assume it is a mod doing something, not sure the point

@zarquonwhereareyou GG. Thanks for a good fair fight. The suspense of whether to move to a tile and wondering where you were was fun.

After you took over as suzerain of the CS and they destroyed my city. I thought, that’s it, I’m gone. The focus on the Nihang unit was new to me and the prime reason for the bounce back.

Now the boogie man is coming.

See you Ozy. Don’t think we ever met in this map? This is my first time playing as Suleiman and am discovering they are a beast!

Another game where my grip is disappearing. The number of units I bled to the ai to the east was again horrendous and utterly incompetent.

I agree the peek-a-boo was fun. GG.

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Strange, it does not load and puts me in a staging room waiting for players. It has Truly Abundant Resources highlighted in red. The last mod update for that was June 26. Any ideas?

Maybe deleting the mod? If that doesn’t work revert the turn. I’m walking out the door to go to work so can’t do any research now.

This played fine - yesterday? Looks like Civ may have updated yesterday. Let’s see if the revert works.

I went ahead and reverted the turn back to the start of the turn (me) to see if that will fix it. I had no trouble playing my turn again, just hope I did everything exactly the way I did it the first time. Yes, the last update to Truly Abundant Resources was in June and I had no trouble.

Push it through. Sometimes things are just ornery

I had to disable all mods, then it worked. I wonder what was bugging it.

Don’t know, that is weird. But glad it’s working.

GG Geoff. An enjoyable game all.

I concede defeat, but understand if you want to continue the domination.

Count me in if there is another game. Thanks

GG. I accept your surrender. Thank you for sticking with it as long as you did.

This was a fun game, can’t believe we all started close to each other and on the same land mass. This was my first game as Suleiman and he was a blast to play. He can be very powerful with his religion. Can’t believe I have played this game for over 5 years and this was my first time playing him, the RNG gods are weird.

Yes, I will start another one. This time on an island map.