Competitive game on 6-armed snowflake map (af2d35ea)

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For CIV picking order I have done a simple math. model. I would suggest that each player who gets first pick gets +55 points, second pick +25, third +1, fourth -17. fifth -29 and last pick -35
Then for the next game, the player with the lowest number gets first pick (and again adds 55 points), player with second lowest number gets second pick (and adds 25 points) and so on. In case two player have same points on a new game, again the player with the shorter turn order gets to pick first.

I’m confused on who gets to pick first. If it is the person with the shortest turn timer, then zarquonwhereareyou should pick first because he has the shortest turn timer. Then me, then kennedy992, then easyzivi. Unless I’m missing something…

for this game only turn timer counts, the pick order point system only comes into play in case we keep playing more games

please feel free to invite other players who might be interested`!

Dan joined, but zarquonwhereareyou left. Maybe he will rejoin.

So for my first pick I would be tempted to go for Sumeria, except I believe some of us thought that it might be a tad overpowered? So, are there any tribes we want to exclude from choice for this - or other - reason? or is it free for all ?

zarquon, I dont think sumeria is overpowered on that map - you will find discussions on the power level of the different CIVs for this map. I am not quite sure but I have the impression that naval based civs might generally be quite strong
pick whatever you like, no bans whatsoever

so its zarquon, dan geoff

then mike, Kennedy and I get last pick

I am confused but that is my normal state so all good.When do we start or is this a civ picking stage?

Are you sure we don’t want to ban Australia at least? I fear them. :slight_smile: For turn ordering, I’m GMT -8 and usually play 1800 to 2200.

GMT here, although play many times of the day, at least until february.
I need to research some choices.

Dan: yes, its picking stage :slight_smile: - in which timezone are you in?
Kennedy: I agree that Australia is probably the strongest choice here, all abilities are consistently strong.

Me personally I would not ban it. The one daring to pick Aussie Land just has to be aware that everybody might declare war at him simultaneously (the citadel of civilization production bonus does not stack)

In case we play more games on this map, the CIVS picked now will not be available anymore so you will only see it once :slight_smile:

I’m GMT-10, but play in the morning, the afternoon, and the evening. I will pick my civ after Dan picks his.

I’m UTC-6, i tend to play more in the mornings but I try to play whenever I have a chance.

"you will find discussions on the power level of the different CIVs for this map. "

Where are these discussions? I would like to read them before picking a civ.

be aware: both threads are from before raise and fall

have you had a look at the teasing trailers for “gathering storm”. I am looking forward to that one. On the other hand I am really hoping they do some balancing for Multiplayer mode, after all they announced back in early 2016 that in Civ 6 MP gets a large emphasis. I think the biggest problem at the moment is that internal trade routes are OP and declaring war has no major drawback. In Civ 5 you were sort of dependant on international trade routes to keep your economy going
They way it currently works it`s all about military and science (primarily to support military again). DoW virtually blocking the other two win options…

I had a problem with one of your links, so hopefully this will work:

Currently losing another game with Norway at painful length, so will try again here :slight_smile:

ok - beware the longships!
dan you are next to pick