[CLOSED] Support Forum Category does not show pinned topics at the top

This topic is pinned.

It does not show at the top.

As admin, I had a look around and could not see how to do this.

Hmm - I see it at the top, if you use an incognito window or something do you see it at the top? I’m guessing there’s some per-user way to unpin (maybe even if you wrote the thread it doesn’t show it at the top?)

incognito shows it correctly.
I looked through my forum settings and found
preferences/interface/"Automatically unpin topics when I reach the bottom."
That was ticked, so I unticked and re-logged back in to the forum.

Sounds like it would be normal for everyone else which is all that matters.

I had to re-pin those topics.

I don’t recall enabling that setting.