SUPPORT - How to Player Substitution

Player Substitution - Generally

A player should be substituted instead of being kicked.

A player that surrenders unexpectedly; the AI should not take a turn.

If the AI has taken a turn, the Game Master should revert the turn to before the AI did so.

The game should pause until substitution.

Substitution Availability method - Try this first

If the substitution player has more then 500 turns, use this method. Otherwise, move to the next method.

A Game Master can substitute a player which has been inactive on their turn for 24 hours.

A player wanting to sub-in can enable “Substitution Availability”. Tab is in “Your Profile”.

The option will then appear for the Game Master to perform the sub.

Admin Intervention method

There are subs the Admin can only make.

The replacement player should have been found.

Post in the support forum requesting a player sub.

Within that post include the following information.

  • Link to the game.
  • player being subbed out
  • player being subbed in.


Subject: Please sub player
Sub out: AAAAAA