[CLOSED] Is it possible to start a new game with a prepared save?

So let’s say my friends and I play online for a few hours and then I save the game and we would like to continue via PYDT. Is this possible?

Yeah, others have done it.

[DONE] Question: can I switch from hot-seat game to online - Game Support - Play Your Damn Turn

Hello, sadly I encountered a problem.
So we played via PYTD, then we played around 20 turns Online.
Now it is my turn according to PYTD. I enabled game state reset. But when I upload new save file, it says:

Error Message: Couldn’t detect the current player in the save file. If you’re converting this game from PBC or Online multiplayer, you may need to play a turn in Hotseat mode to get the file converted properly.

But when I open the save file from Online in Hotseat, it shows just that window with my nickname, save game button on the left and greyed out start turn button on the right. I can enter password but I have no idea what that is. Is there any fix for this?

I am attaching my save file.
TEDDY ROOSEVELT 51 1000 BC.Civ6Save (645.7 KB)

You should be able to remove the password in the lobby screen where it lists all the players/civs.

thank you, it works!

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