Clãs do caribe continues (adbb1c10)

Smack talk goes here for Clãs do caribe continues! Game URL:

If you need a player, please send password

we are continuing a cloud game here, because there it bugged, but thanks for the availability

@Valamas are you an admin?? we are trying to continue a game from cloud that is in the turn 62, but i’m having problems with the save file saying that it is not my turn but from the old host, what we can do to solve it?

@SackGT please help. Something to do with the current player index? I can’t remember.

Does using Reset Game State in the admin tools help?

no, just show this error, the next turn is for norway but says that england was expected


Sorry, we ran into an error.

Error Message: Incorrect civ type in save file! (actual: LEADER_VICTORIA, expected: LEADER_HARDRADA)

Are the civs in the right order? Let me know the civs in the file and i’ll rearrange them.

the original order was = "england - fiuza / japan - alvarez player / lautaro - limlim / spain - bonicius / norway - me / netherlands - krasan.
I tried to change the position because I was second to last but it seems that only the first position does not change

ok, give it another shot, not sure which england you want so that might be a problem

EDIT, oh your error message said victoria, think we’re good there

hello again
Sorry, we ran into an error.

Error Message: Couldn’t detect the current player in the save file. If you’re converting this game from PBC or Online multiplayer, you may need to play a turn in Hotseat mode to get the file converted properly.

i tried to match the name of the players exatly as it is in pydt, and i played 1 turn in hotseat mod to convert but didn’t solve, we are trying to continue a game in turn 63 from cloud, if there is something else that we can do to keep this game going you can say, if you there’s nothing to do we appreciate the attempts
(PYDT) Play This One!.txt (1.2 MB) ( i change the extension to “.txt” to send “.Civ6Save” is the extension)

That save still says it’s your turn, if you click start turn then next turn it finally switches over to Fiulzza, if you resave there I’d guess it’d work.

:clap: :clap: :clap: it worked, thanks :wink:

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Taco has been banned from joining/creating new games due to cheating discovered here: Casual Civ 6 (7c0dac3d) - Smack Talk - Play Your Damn Turn, your decision how to proceed in this game.