Civ V Naval Warfare (0ee27dd1)

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The password is “shipsnstuff”

hi @erekose

it’s been nearly 48 hours. Is everything OK?

Hi, Erekose wrote message in other game. Civ VI game. I am quoting him:

Hi guys, I’m really sorry cause I’m away for Christmas holidays and my laptop can’t run civ 6. So I’ll play my turn only next Sunday when I ll be back .,…

Sad to do so cause I always do my best to play my civ 5 games , cause I can, and I hate to slow others games.

Ty for your understanding

OK, that’s fine. Thanks Michaqel for the update

Yeah we are heading into the Xmas season so many (including me) will be away often from now on…

For myself, I am away from 23-27 Dec but will do my turns on the evening of the 27th. I will also be away from the 5 - 8 of Jan and then again from the 14-16 Jan. If I could I would install Civ 5 on my work laptop at least, but alas they lock them to stop you installing software on it… Sorry for those like me who really look forward to your next turn to build your empire :slight_smile:
Merry Xmas!

Hi sorry i was driving then resting , then had to install desktop app on my laptop , with a broken screen , was not easy , now i can play my civ 5 turns , not civ6 on this laptop , too old
ty for patience

hey guys, it’s no problem at all! I just need to keep up to date in case any players need to be substituted for whatever reason.

Did you know that you can put your profile to “vacation mode” to alert other players that you are currently unavailable without having to type a message in all of your chats?

Quite a useful feature of this website!

In vacation mode is still possible play. It is only information about situation. Here is possible add comment which is visible as tooltip in application.

Yeah, I will use the ‘Vacation mode’ when I am away from my PC but I still have 24hrs of Civ gaming to go! :slight_smile:

too late, before each sleep :smiley:

@wolverine_19 your last 3 turn times have been: 2 1/2 days, 3 days 2 hours, and 3 1/2 days (and counting)

Would you like to be subbed out of the game?

yeah, for some reason i cant play my hotseat game… i was trying differents things to solve the problem but nothing seem to work… i guess i better leave… i think its bettre if you kick me ?

Hey these things happen

We will need to find sub before kick I think

This happens from time to time, all you need to do is get the last player to resend the turn again. The admin for PYDT can probably help out…

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Yeah, i already try that with the game im playing with my friend but it didnt work, i ask them to try to send me the file directly from their hotseat without using PYDT to see if this work… i waiting to see if this work but i didnt want to ask that from Michaqel.

would you like me to try revert turn?

I played my turn yesterday , it was ok and i submitted normaly, now it’s been reverted , so i got to play it again , but my turn is struck on “waiting for players”…

not sure the revert was a good idea… i let you decide and do what is best now , cause i can’t play and submit…

I guess, revert turn again? lol

According to my client the turn has been reverted back to @wolverine_19

Have you tried taking your turn again @wolverine_19?

If you are still having issues, could you let me know what they are? I will contact the admins and see if there is a fix