CCH 6 continent ffa (923190b0)

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This game has been reset by the admin.

hey guys, just to let you know i caught a fever and i’m not able to play, this is why i’m taking longer. hope i’ll be able to before the timer expires.

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Hope you get well soon! By the way, feel free to propose me peace at any time :smiley:

Jobby, would you be so nice to revert the turn skipped by me, so that I can do my turn instead of the AI? Thank you very much!

@Markelix will you please hold on until Jobby replies? Thank you!

As i’ll be not online today between 07:15 and about 15:45, i’ll hold on until 07:00 UTC.
If Jobby reacts later he could also revert 2 turns, mine and yours.
PM Jobby on Discord, if not yet done, @adi_4k , i’m not shure if he’s reading smack.

After Cratmangs post in the other game i looked here and yes, i could also use the revert-button here. So should i try this???

It seems that it worked, thank you very much!

LOL, Jobby did it… i was waiting and would have tried it now before i’m going afk.
So the “thank you very much” goes to him! :wink:

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Is something wrong with this game? I’m getting notifitications saying it’s my turn, but then it isn’t…
I just played the turn 61, and if I’m not going crazy, I played this same turn last time.
A few minutes later, I get another notification - my turn again?
Went for a look at game details, and it seems all turns are cancelled until April 23rd?
What is going on, is the host reverting the turns?

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Im stuck with my turns so I revert to try fix my turns… I can even move etc. in my turn.

Out of nowhere? no prints to show us or nothing? this is very strange. and why did you revert after so many days, after so many people played?
if you were stuck with your turns, I suppose you would revert right after you played. why two days later?

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I had today… when conference come on my turn I wrote in discord channel of game.

why would you revert all the turns if the problem was on the last save?
and why do it twice?
I now realise that @adi_4k had a skipped turn that is now gone. Did you revert all the way back so that he could play his skipped turn?
You said your turn was frozen, but you did not revert all the way to your turn. your valid turn 61 is still the one played on April 23, 2023 7:41 AM.
If it is a conference turn, why did you expect your troops to move? This is all very strange and I am quite uncomfortable to be honest.

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Yes. My turn frozen twice. Yes. I revert to his turn. I cant make my last turns. For example vote for conference… go to discord if you want to talk about this…

I revert once again to my turn… Myabe it will be help or something…

Think it would help more if you don’t do such things before talking about and then deciding together, what to do!

For anyone wondering what happened:
@Squidoo (Jobby) reverted the round 61 - everyone will need to do their turn on round 61 again

@danlmartins, this revert was not done to help me, the revert that helped me re-play the skipped turn happened 12 days ago

  • and it was right after the bot did the turn for me, so no-one except me got to do their turn again)

Reverting it’s first thing you have to do in this kind of problems!

Yeah - after you’ve told everybody on smack, what happend and why you would return :wink: