CASUAL LEVEL - Seven Seas / BBG BBS / DB Gold / Friendly Game Rules (89b39afd)

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I like the conditions of the game. True, I must admit that I will always start a war when it is beneficial to my civilization … And besides, I try to calculate the results of my decisions a little … However, if the respected Organizer considers it possible to share the password to the Game with me, I will play with pleasure.

If you want a pacifist, I’ll be happy to join the game.

lol, yea, not a sim game but not elite players either.

can i have password. looks interesting.

One of my games is finished so I’d like in please!

I’d like to join also if there’s room – password please!

I like your games @Valamas and I’d be interested to see how gold deflation works out. I hope my history doesn’t make me a “warmongering pro” – I lose wars far too often for such a title, though I admit I do like starting them…

If you’d like to have me aboard, I’m happy to play.

Yes, you have, and are killing me in two recent games. One was definitely my poor game play and the other was your smart combination of Vampires and faith to build an unstoppable army. Well played on that one, and a strategy I hope to exlpore myself. Welcome aboard!

Thanks, I appreciate it. That Vampire Army game was also a Barbarian Clans game, and I put a lot of energy into getting envoys and city-state suzerainty (Apadana, Kilwa Kisiwani), which really made city yields surge.

Good thing to keep in mind for this game since it’s also Barbarian Clans: there will be lots of city-states – those envoys really matter!

@Aleks08II Please select a CIV for the random pool.

There is no need to set your leader.

Sorting using Advanced Player Sorting

Valamas, Mr_Six, chld87stv, Yog Sothoth, adyyc, andrewsmart48, Buno, Aleks08II
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@chld87stv Which Catherine did you select? Black Queen or Magnificent? Sorry.

Black Queen plz

Played it as it laid. Let’s have a good game!


Was i supposed to get a starting scout?

I didn’t get mine either! I found that I had neglected to install the mod. Then I did, and loaded up a SP game and … yup, there’s my scout.
Oh well.