Bro Conquest (2863a908)

Smack talk goes here for Bro Conquest! Game URL:

Matt, can you see this? I’m wondering if you get a notification? Perhaps we could discuss strategy here?

I can! It looks like that it shows there is a new ‘post’ on the client when you’re downloading a new save file too.

Cool, I was going to say it looks like there is a coastline between us and we can fill in that space. I figure we can prioritize whoever has the least room on the edges. I’m going to head west along that coast first and then send my second guy to check out the area between us when he pops out.

Sounds good I’ll head south when my scout is out. I’m not sure there’s going to be much north of us judging by the terrain. If Nazca is along the coast between us do we want to conquer them early?

What are your first couple productions to start a game?

I usually go monument > slinger > slinger > builder > settler. Sometimes I put an extra slinger in there too. In this game I’m doing monument now and I may actually do a scout since they upgrade into highlanders. But we may already see we’re on a small island by the time my monument is done… Scout first (which is what you’re doing right?) is also totally good because you could end up getting a population, builder, or settler from the ancient ruins but I like the strong defense and ability to take out barb camps early. I’ve thought about this a lot, haha.

My distance from the coast is kinda annoying. SW and S of me would be nice city locations but they’re a little too close. I may take one where the river comes out. I like putting tacks where I’m going to place cities and I put one there. I assume you can’t see it since we’re not technically allied right? I wonder if we make a diplomatic alliance if we can see eachother’s stuff?

I like to start with a scout although that may not always be best. I typically do scout, warrior, monument usually I think?

Yeah, that’s a little annoying, I guess just see what’s north of your capital to see if you can shift it’s population to the north side? I can’t see your tacks, I think the tacks wouldn’t show up as they’re more of a personal guide but we can take screen shots or something. I wish I could see what you’re building but maybe that comes later. If the coastline swing down by my capital then we probably want to conquer Nazca, yeah?

Taking them out would probably make the most sense. I definitely want to wait until we can get it down super fast and easily. I’ve got a barb camp below me that just popped up. That is where I want to put my 2nd city. Once my first slinger comes out, I’ll probably head down to take it out. I want to scout a little bit more above first if I can, I just hit tundra already so we might be on out own little island here?

I like those city placements, maybe a tile or two + or -. That way we can lock the other two out from the upper half of the continent.

Yeah, none are final, just approximate spots before bedtime last night. Hopefully I’m not penning you in too much, I can not to do that one just north of me if you want it. I was expecting a little more room to the south before America popped up, didn’t think that we’d have a 4th civ on our continent.

You should just expand naturally. Like I saw saying earlier, if you do really end up with way more cities and it is a problem, you can always just give me one to even it out but I’m sure that won’t be necessary.

Okay, and I don’t have much choice now anyway, Sumeria just plopped a city down south of me so I’ll have to go up for now.

Are you close to researching bronze working? I never got the eureka so I’ll be a bit behind on that. When you do can you place some pins on where the iron is please?

I haven’t even started it yet. I was going to ask you the same thing. I’ll let you know once I get it finished. Do you remember what happened with horses? Maybe it even automatically shows it. I put a pin on where I might add another city way up in the arctic. It is a weird spot but it has fresh water and 4 luxes which is important for Scotland…

Since I sent that I started it and got the eureka last turn so I’m actually two turns away from having it done. I’ll put some pins where I see it and you can let me know if it shows up on your end or not.

I just pinned some Iron near you/me. Sumeria ended up with 2 in that city he forward settled…
America is getting smoked, he’s already lost two cities.

I get a religion next turn! What beliefs should I get?

I’m not really sure. I always like the ones that allow you to build the buildings that give faith + culture/production/food. But we’re not going to have as many cities so those may not be as great?