Bo3 Tryharders, Highlands, BBG, BBS, SS, M&C, Mods, FFA (rules) (9129e820)

O.k., then I’ll pick Kongo

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Well, as we have all picks for this game we are ready to go, best luck for all of you, lets have a fair and friendly play! :grinning: :v:

Can we wait for the other games to start when Mad_SMAKs returns?

I was guessing these games would be played with turns sync’d.

Yes, but I think that going 1 turn ahead or beneath its not the big problem, it will happen eventually that some games move faster or slower if some players are conquered and thats not going to be a problem, some turns ahead or beneath are ok. What I mean to say is that we were not going to finish one, to start the second, we are starting the 3 moreless at the same time.

Sorry, I am here. I forgot to turn vacation back off.

I think I must have missed the links for the other two games so can you please post them again here?

Found the links and I’m in all three games now.

Sorry about that.


I think that the playing order is wrong. I play after Valamas but my window is UTC 19 - 23 while his is 21:00 - 11:00 UTC so unless he play in the very beginning of his window his turn will arrive while I sleep.

According to this

It should have been the opposite.

Valamas sorted the players according to a software that he has, he had already done this process in the past before for another games and dunno how, maybe its magic, we are having a fluid game, but I dunno if someone has noticed when taking his turn in these games that his turn has been waiting for long time since the last player, the sum of our average turns its 26 hours, that seems to be more less normal, more less 1 turns per day. I think that we are on the very early game, and on time to restart the game in case its needed to have a more fluid game, please let me know if someone is taking his turn after a long waiting time

It’s fluid because I’m playing outside of my windows but I’m not sure it will be possible when turn will be longer. If @Valamas can play before 22.30 it’s ok, otherwise my turn will arrive when I’m sleeping and I will play 10/12 hours later :sweat_smile:

Daylight savings is coming this weekend. So I will be playing 1 hour earlier and I think you one hour later. 2 hours change. Hope that helps.

Do all of you think that this order might work better?

This image was edited according to this

Blocks with lines are supposed to be the times when u take your turn. We’ll be doing 1 turn per day.
If so we are still in time to restart, better to restart now than to have a long game with issues.

According to this proposal, do u agree to restart?

  • Yes, restart
  • No, let’s continue this way
  • What the majority wants

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I voted " no", cause it’s running and let’s see, what happens.

But what I don’t understand on the order posted in the vote: My playing-time starts earlier and ends earlier as the ones of the 2 players above of me… so I should come first, then Aleks and then kapshul.

If there is a delay or I can’t do my turn in the early “evening” for some reason, I’ll play it on the next morning and you’ll have waited 16 hours for my turn and after 13 hours will happen nothing until Buno’s turn?

We already know whats happening, its happening this

That’s why at least me, think that we should restart now that we are in the very early game.

Concerning to this

I can sort the players according to that order.

Right now we have turns according to these pictures

This is the issue we are having:

  • If we take turns like picture 1 @Markelix should have his turn on red square, but he is offline at that time, so he needs to wait from 21 gmt until 6 gmt to take this turn, and then its @PerroFlamer turns that will come until 17 gmt, a very bad situation as you can see.
  • If we take turns like picture 2 @Buno argues that he should take his turn first as his playing window comes first than Valamas, so, if Valamas doesn’t take his turn fast and on time he will need to wait from 23gmt until 12gmt to take his turn (that in fact this is already happening, but he says that as his turn is fast cuz we are in the very early game he is taking his turn out of his playing window, but he also says that once turns get longer he might not be able to take it).

That’s how things are :grimacing:
In my opinion, we already have a problem as @Buno is already exposing, but this problem is gonna get bigger as turns go by and get longer due to the evolution of the game; we are going to be doing in best case scenario 1 turn every 2 days.
I am assuming my responsibility as host :worried:, but Valamas program has given good results in the past, so I apologize for this inconvenient, but we will only restart if the majority of players want.

Note: I re uploaded the image with the turn order according to your suggestions @Markelix

To avoid this issues, I re-post my suggestion of turn order from above. The difference to yours suggestion is, that you do your turn on your morning instead your evening. Alternativly you’re playing between Pete and Valamas, what means practically, that Buno and Pete are moved to the end of the order:

I would prefer to take my turns in my last hours of my playing window, as right now most of my 16 games are in the first hours, I will be more committed to take them fast on my second half of my playing window, (0:00 - 6:00 gmt). As you can see also most of players don’t have their turns in their first hours, so they can take other games turns first, and then they can take these games turns with no inconvenience as there is no need to hurry, it doesn’t matter how early we take our turns in these games, we are not gonna be doing 2 turns per day.

O.k., then put not only Buno and Pete but also Valamas at the end of the circle, so he can play before you.

@Mad_SMAKs could also play between Aleks and Buno, but to get no troubles for Bunos playing-window if someonme delays, I put his turn in his first window:

Looks pretty good, at least for me we can use this arrangement, we only need that majority of players agree to restart and if no one has an inconvenience we can use this arrangement. :wink: :call_me_hand:

O.k., changed my vote, your arguments, why the actual order isn’t the optimal one, are convincing.

… even if i won’t get again 3 starting positions as good as on the actual games.

I don’t mind a restart. For better or worse, all my games had a nice starting position.

I agree with @Buno in that I’ve been taking my turns very late which is ok when they’re quick, early turns but it wouldn’t be sustainable later in the game. Plus my start positions have all been pretty uninspiring so I’ve voted for restarts.