Bo3 1st Half 2023, Fractal, No AI's, BBG, BBS, StdSpd, FFA (rules) (04053439)

Still not been dispatched i am chasing for a dispatch date.

have been promised dispath on wed for delivery thursday.

caught up at the weekend hopefully.

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@andrewsmart48 Do you have an friend with a PC and CIV6 installed? :wink:

pc being delivered today


Can we find a sub for Andrew? I have a few games with no turns in a month due to Andrew being AFK.

He said he was going to have a new pc and that he was going to take his turns this weekend, let’s see if he could, I hope his new pc is working like a charm.

I cant work out how to install static bbg on a macbook.

I will get there soon.

Anyone know?

Are we waiting for Sub in this game too?

@PerroFlamer You caommented the second game:

I can sub again :slight_smile:

Sub in for me please!

That’s fine with me as @indrew has been waiting for a sub first. Please add a timer to this game, @PerroFlamer, to pass @andrewsmart48 until another sub can be found.

My position is decent. Many cities along the coast.

I just need @indrew to stop taking his turns so 24 hours pass by and I can sub him for @Osprey as he is already took his place in one of the three games.

I won’t take any more turns but I don’t think you need to wait 24 hours to sub in.

I am on vacation trying to play the game on my Mac. Normally I play on my home PC. It is saying I am missing BBG 5.1.8 but I checked my mods and it shows BBG 5.1.8 enabled. Any ideas?

It’s my turn now, so the sub can happen.