Big Earth Map + True Start Location Done Right (e866ab7b)

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Asia plz!

mediterranean/north africa


I don’t care what continent I have.

Mediterranean preferred for this one :grinning:

i am ok with anything

Any region.

I’m fine with any region.

any region !

Thanks everybody. Looks like we’re ready to go. I’m going to run a few variations on the DB Gold rules to see what works best for a big game like this one. There are some interesting options (Learn From Other Civs, Loyalty Matters, and Soli Deo Gloria) that might bring new vitality to the game.

Please go ahead and check the list of DB Gold options here: Steam Community :: DB's Civ VI Gold :: Discussions

If any of you have specific suggestions, go ahead and let me know. Otherwise, I’ll probably start this tomorrow morning. Good luck everybody!

Here are the current settings I’m thinking of:

Economic Options:

  • Learn from other civs
  • Gold from Tourism
  • Districts on Resources
  • Great Merchants are Merchants
  • Remove Eurekas
  • Remove Inspirations
  • Theater Squares get Better Adjacencies
  • City States aren’t Backwards

Loyalty Options:

  • Loyalty Matters
  • Disloyal Informations

Military Options:

  • Battle Notifications
  • XP from Observation
  • Trees hide Units
  • Better Scouts
    *No Bad Huts
  • Balanced Walls
  • Engineers Can Rush Walls
  • Engineers Are Sappers
  • Siege Units: No Extra Movement
  • Earlier Wars of Religion
  • All Men are Mortal

Religion Options:

  • Soli Deo Gloria (Religion will matter in this game)
  • Religious Units: Only 2 Movement
  • All Holy Site Buildings
  • Inquisitors: Don’t Need an Inquisition
  • Inquisitors: Only 1 Cleanse
  • Cathedrals Hold Relics
  • Kotoku-In Moved to Theology
  • Buy Holy Site Buildings With Faith

Multiplayer Options:

  • Remove Foreign Info
  • Double Spy Capacity
  • No Golden/Dark Ages
  • Remove Emergencies
  • Remove 1-Turn Policies
  • Remove Condemn Heretic
  • Great Pople Come From People
  • All Religions Can Have Custom Names

OK, so that changes the game quite considerably! I am happy with that…just know I will make quite a few mistakes along the way, like losing my mortal Great People! Anyway, it should be fun…

Sounds good!


Sorry, I can’t find DBs Civ 6 Multiplayer Gold in the workshop. There is only DBs Civ 6 Gold, but it is impossible to open the game with it. Please replace me.

@YogSothoth Do you want me to revert to you so you can find a replacement given this game just started?

There is only one civ in Africa and Korea and Vietnam close enough to hold hands in asia.

Yeah @petrojbl1, let’s hold on this one until a replacement comes in. I’ll ask and see if anyone’s interested.

Hi @mrosack , it looks like I can’t replace the second slot using admin tools. Would you please step in and put @CerynCaribou in Persia’s place here? Thank you

OK, done - please put requests like this in the Game Support category in the future.