Beyond Civilization (30d7b79c)

Smack talk goes here for Beyond Civilization! Game URL: Play Your Damn Turn!

Hey guys, I see this is an open game with some slots available. I have not played Beyond Earth in years. Will this be a cozy or competitive game?

Same story. I have not played multiplayer mode no one time. Let’s play and see around.

I have not played the game before :-). I am ownning the game 6years but it was not installed yet :-).

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I have rising tide, but not the map pack – I think that probably wouldn’t be a problem, so am joining

Hi guys, I have in the game some message (the action message on right side) in Cyrillic (Azbuka). For example information about my city can strike on allien. It is some bug on my side or Nuts is from Russia and his setting is mixed with my?

I am from Russia. My default setting - Cyrillic. But i have some message in English. I will switch my setting of language on English.

Yes, it strange mix. You are first and Host, so maybe this is the reason.

I upgraded to Windows 11 and now I can’t get Beyond Earth to run… I’ll keep trying but I might have to surrender if I can’t figure this out.

Did you try it with backward compatibility? Maybe you can look on this: Run Program Compatibility Troubleshooter on Windows 11 .

When I have installed the game, the first run via PYDT crash. The screen was black and I had to restart my PC. Then I first run the game and then I click on my turn in PYDT. After download PYDT change focus on the game (which was running correctly) and I can load the file and play my turn.
So maybe you can try run the game is some backward compatibility mode and then click on your turn in PYDT. Maybe also reinstall the game?

I think we can wait for your attempts… This can be manual or warning before Win11 :smiley:

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I’ve tried compatibility mode with all the old versions of Windows and it isn’t working in any of them. Trying to uninstall and reinstall now to see if it makes a difference.

Got it. I had to enable DirectPlay under Windows Legacy Components.

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Great! Welcome back :slight_smile:

Hi Guys, maybe we can wait for Birddog62 until he will be back from vacation. His turns are skiped or played by AI.

No problem for me. I had no idea what the vacation function does.

Maybe this is a good time to ask. I will be gone the first 2 weeks of May. Do you guys prefer if I set myself to vacation for that or would you rather I just bottleneck the game?

personally, I’d rather wait, so I can play with actual people :slight_smile: I can play against an AI anytime … Michaqel, why don’t you hold the turn until birddog62 returns?

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Ok, we waiit for a end of Birddog62’s vacation