Back from the dead (56fb6c3f)

Smack talk goes here for Back from the dead! Game URL:

Was this meant to be another alliances game, or simply individuals ?

Individuals, unless everybody wants to do alliances. I’m good either way.

Damn, I am a Brit again.

You won first prize in the lottery of life?. Good for you.

Ya, Ozy approves of your civ.

See if I live long enough to make any use of it.

Guys I screwed up and had to revert the turn. I declared war on Nubia when I first met them, but then I declared peace 10 turns later. I didn’t catch my mistake until another human civ just found me and asked to form a friendship. I thought that was odd they didn’t declare war on me, and that is when I realized I made a mistake. I only reverted 1 turn. Sorry for the screw up.

Remember to declare war on major civs the turn you find them.

You’re not alone. I also forgot about this condition.

Being a brit means conditioned to spend life alone on a tiny island…

Last turn I met a civ - was it this game or another that was all war? A bit if CRS…

This game is always war. Declare war on the civ when you meet them.

Yes, I know. That was my thought in the game.

Sorry, I’ll be away for three days, until Saturday.


Enjoy! But I was sure you would have destroyed me by this weekend.

Excuse me - I won’t be back for three days again. I’ll be back on Thursday.

Thanks for the head’s up. Have a safe trip.

Seems like you need to change the rules on the fly? So far I made a move as best I could … How do we play next?

Is this relating to the fact that the emergencies have resulted in being at peace with several tribes?
What is needed here?