Astalatasta's game! (5ac290cd)

Smack talk goes here for astalatasta’s game!! Game URL:

So I started with 5 warriors and got a free settler and builder when I founded my cap… Is this intended?

I did also.

When I loaded the game I saw we were all set at deity difficulty. So yes, you get extra settlers and warriors just like the AI when they are deity.

Okay, as long as we’re all in the same situation there’s no problem. Just wanted to be sure there was no unfairness.

Astalasta didn’t get all the warriors?

I also got the warriors and the settler/builder. It’s a nice way to start in PYDT game.

What are you talking about? I’ve started with the standard warrior and settler…

I got 5 warriors, 1 settler and 1 builder when I founded my capital. I got another free settler when I founded my 2nd city. If you didn’t, maybe that explains why you are in last place. I have never had this happen to me in any of my other games.

maybe its a bug, i’ve just have a regular start with 1 warrior and 1 settler.

Feels like this game should be scrapped and started again…
I have no idea why we have all had these advantages. It’s not that we were set on Deity because I’ve played other MP games set on Deity and it doesn’t work out like this.

I agree with starting over.

Agree, we can start over.

you can simply destroy extra units.

I already used the settlers.

Yes I have 2 cities was about to settle 3rd, we should restart if not everyone got the bonus units.



Ok, but i have to understand how reset the game from the admin panel, probably is better to create a new one.


My scout wont take the camp, you can clear it @China.